Bonn - World Conference Center Bonn, Germany

Venue Address: Platz d. Vereinten Nationen 2, 53113 Bonn, Germany
Official Website: http://www.worldccbonn.com/
Bonn - World Conference Center Bonn, Germany

Bonn - World Conference Center Bonn, Germany

Kongresse, Tagungen, Events in der Region Köln/Bonn - World Conference Center Bonn

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ESA's Living Planet Symposium, one of the most important Earth observation conferences around the globe, is the ESA Living Planet Symposium.

Under the slogan \"Shaping tomorrow, today!\" the 15th Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum (online and on-site) will be held here. \".

Bonn was named provisional seat for the federal organs in May 1949.

Bonn was made the capital at the close of 1949. The members of parliament then met in Bonn's extension of the Academy's former gymnasium until the 1980s.

After many years of planning and discussions, the old plenary room was finally demolished in 1987.

The construction of the plenary room began in 1988, and it was inaugurated in 1992.

WorldCCBonn has had the former plenary hall since autumn 1999. It is now available for all types of events.

Bonn Conference Center.

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