Augsburg - Messe Augsburg (ASMV GmbH), Germany


Augsburg - Messe Augsburg (ASMV GmbH), Germany
Address: Am Messezentrum 5, 86159 Augsburg, Germany
Augsburg - Messe Augsburg (ASMV GmbH), Germany

Augsburg - Messe Augsburg (ASMV GmbH), Germany

Messe Augsburg: Trade fairs, congresses and events

The venue for your live event.

Anything is possible, from trade fairs and congresses to concerts and comedy to open air events and open-air events.

Multi-talent! Our hall1 (Schwabenhalle), has retractable telescopic seating for tribunes!

Here are our protection measures to ensure safe participation at trade fairs.

We are the perfect choice for your impressive trade fair location in southern Germany.

You can attract new audiences by hosting your face-to–face event either virtual or hybrid.

We can help you plan an event.

We warmly welcome visitors to our trade fair grounds. Check out our events calendar.

We provide current press releases as well as free photo material for your journalistic work.

Our 360deg interactive tour allows you to explore the Augsburg trade fair grounds. This interactive 360deg tour will give you a complete overview of the site and its spaces as well as interesting facts about key stations.

Let us introduce ourselves: The history, facts and figures of Messe Augsburg.

Find out which trade fairs or events are held at Messe Augsburg.

All press releases regarding Messe Augsburg events and Messe Augsburg can be found here.

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