Wiener Neustadt - Arena Nova, Austria

Venue Address: Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 30, 2700 Wiener Neustadt, Austria - (Show Map)
Wiener Neustadt - Arena Nova, Austria
Wiener Neustadt - Arena Nova, Austria

Arena Nova Wiener Neustadt

COVID-19 Coronavirus: Information for our customers.

We are happy to give you as much information as we can about the impact of the corona virus on our events as soon as possible.

The \"Klaus Eckel” event must be postponed for organizational reasons from January 31st 2023 to May 22nd 2024.

Unfortunately, the event \"Monks of Shaolin Kung-Fu\", (1st date 15.03.2020; 2nd date 11.04.2020; 3rd date 6.11.2020; 4th date 3.04.2022; 5th date 19.03.2023) has been postponed to 31.05.

Who can be vaccinated at the Lower Austria state vaccination centres?

Our Lower Austria state vaccination centres can vaccinate anyone over the age of 5 with or without registration. All partial and booster vaccines are performed.

Vaccination in Lower Austria provincial vaccination centers - emergency call Lower Austria (notrufnoe.com).

We are unable to tell you this because of increased inquiries.

All events in Hall 1 & 3 will be as planned.

In a separate hall, refugees may be temporarily accommodated.

The event \"The Night of Martial Arts\", which was scheduled for May 14th 2022, has been cancelled.

Unfortunately, the event \"Otto-Live\", 05/26/2022, was cancelled.

The \"X-Trial World Championship\" event was postponed from March 12, 20,22 (first date November 14, 2020; second date March 20, 2021); to March 11, 2023.

The event \"The Amigos & Daniela Alfinito” has been postponed to 11/19/2021 to11/10/2022.