Vienna - Palais Ferstel, Austria

Venue Address: Strauchgasse 4, 1010 Wien, Austria
Vienna - Palais Ferstel, Austria

Vienna - Palais Ferstel, Austria

Palais Ferstel - Palais Events

Venetian style for conferences, banquets, and pleasure.

Mr. Ferstel is also to blame.

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The history of the house, originally designed as a bank building and stock exchange building, makes it a perfect setting for business events.

You can host lavish parties with the Palais' unique equipment!

Since 1876, the Palais Ferstel has been home to Cafe Central.

Cafe Central has its own page: have a look!

The palace was built to serve as a stock exchange and bank, so it was named Heinrich von Ferstel.

When it comes to partying, you will feel like a world traveler.

Is the big hall too small?

You don't need to travel to Venice if you can experience the Arkadenhof as a true Mediterranean oasis!

You are also welcome to celebrate any festival, hold a press conference or hold \"conspiratorial” meetings at the Arkadenhof.

The Portico complements the Great Ferstel Hall if you prefer wood paneling.

Ferstel was once home to brokers who considered themselves rulers over the oceans.

Only our customers and guests are treated to in-house catering.

The Palais was the first to use steel for its glass roof.

The Palais Ferstel can be found between Herrengasse und Strauchgasse.

Delivery of your event to the public loading area:.

Events entrances by arrangement.

Barrier-free access:.

You can set up a stop zone for bus arrivals.

It was not common for a palace's architect to be named after it.