With the closing of the 123rd Canton Fair, ticket prices from Guangzhou to several cities in China have gradually fallen, especially to popular business cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu. Meanwhile, hotel prices in Guangzhou have also fallen back to normal levels. Air tickets and hotel supply are also gradually stabilizing. From the end of the fair to the summer vacation, the selling price of tourism products will enter a trough across the country and will continue for about 40 days.

From May 8 onwards, ticket prices began to fall back to about 40 percent, a larger decline. From the end of the Canton Fair to the beginning of the summer holidays in mid-to-late June, domestic flights, hotels and other resources will be insufficient supply, the implementation of off-season prices state.

After the Canton Fair, the selling price of four-star and five-star hotels and business hotels dropped by 50-160% to the level before the fair. Take the five-star hotel Garden Hotel Guangzhou in Huanshi Road, which sold for 2780 yuan / room / night during the fair, but its selling price has now fallen back to 1280yuan / room / night, a drop of up to 106%, providing more ample supply.