The Canton Fair booth has been in short supply. According to the latest data, the number of booths for Guangdong enterprises in the 125th Canton Fair was 27,907, and the number of booths arranged for Guangdong was only 12,846. More than half of the booth application requirements were not met. If you count those companies that have not yet reached the application qualification requirements but are also eager to take orders through the Canton Fair, the actual demand gap is even greater.

The Canton Fair booth allocation is divided into two main categories: brand booths and general booths. The brand booths are uniformly distributed by the Ministry of Commerce, and the general booths are distributed to each provincial and association delegation. In terms of distribution methods, as long as the enterprises that meet the relevant qualifications can apply for registration on the Canton Fair website, the business department will conduct comprehensive evaluation according to the international certification, overseas trademark registration, patent or intellectual property rights, and whether it is a private enterprise. There is a standard for the distribution of booths. The scale is the primary requirement. The threshold is relatively low, reaching 1.5 million US dollars in exports, and the production enterprises should reach more than 7.5 million US dollars. The higher scores get the booth, the whole process is guaranteed to be fair and equitable.