At the closing press conference of the 124th Canton Fair, Xu Bing, deputy secretary-general of the Canton Fair, spokesperson and deputy director of the China Foreign Trade Center, said that the number of buyers and export transactions of overseas buyers in the current Canton Fair fell slightly year-on-year. Buyers attended 189,812 people from 215 countries and regions, down 1.11% year-on-year. The export turnover was RMB 20,694 million (equivalent to USD 29.86 billion), a decrease of 1% year-on-year.

Xu Bing said that from the market perspective, the transactions of Japan, the 10 ASEAN countries, the BRIC countries and South Korea increased by 74.4%, 11.4%, 7.2% and 2.5% respectively, which declined for the traditional markets such as the United States, Australia, Canada and the European Union. 30.3%, 8.9%, 7.3%, 0.8%. From the industry perspective, transportation tools, machinery and equipment, construction and decoration materials, consumer electronics and information products, and sanitary equipment increased by 24.8%, 21.1%, 20.0%, 15.1%, and 7.6%, respectively, and textiles and clothing and household appliances decreased by 13.0%. , 6.7%.

Exhibitors generally reported that foreign trade exports have risen steadily this year. In the electromechanical industry, 87.1% of the enterprises' exports in the first three quarters increased or remained the same as the same period of the previous year. 82.4% of the enterprises' orders in the first three quarters increased or remained the same as the same period of the previous year. 80.6% of the enterprises expected good export in 2018. In the last year or flat. However, considering the external environment where the cost of comprehensive factors such as raw materials and labour force continues to rise and the trade friction between China and the United States has increased, exhibitors also believe that the export situation next year is not optimistic.

Xu Bing said that as China's foreign trade "barometer" and "wind vane", the current Canton Fair buyers participating in the situation and export transaction data show that next year China's foreign trade development is still facing a lot of uncertain instability factors. However, with the further promotion of China's supply-side structural reform, as well as the recent introduction of "six stability" and other policy measures in the country and local areas, the new kinetic energy of China's foreign trade development, is accelerating accumulation, enterprise market diversification continues to make new progress, these are the important foundation and strong conditions for the development of foreign trade. Comprehensive all factors, it is expected that the whole year China's foreign trade import and export will maintain steady growth, quality and efficiency further improved.