We are not allowed to send invitations to no business dealing with companies.

Apply for Chinese visa, a company invitation is better than canton fair invitation. It must be a government seal to guarantee your trip in China.

Overseas buyers could apply invitation for Canton Fair through:

  1. BEST (Buyer E-Service Tool), regular buyers go>>> new buyers go>>>
  2. Canton Fair Call Centre, China Foreign Trade Centre
  3. Overseas cooperative organizations of China Foreign Trade Centre
  4. The Economic & Commercial Counsellor's Office of the Embassy (The Economic & Commercial Section of the Consulate General) of P.R. China in your region
  5. Canton Fair Hong Kong Representative Office
  6. The Chinese foreign trade corporations (enterprises) with whom you are business-related 


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After pre-apply, it will be for 3-7 working days you can get the e-invitation letter.

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Sorry that canton fair system must verify ​that ​you can receive their email. 
you will get lots of email in the future.
So please try another email with a different domain 
contact your email provider
or contact
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Serve and the system is updating, 


Please try days later because the register system is upgrading.
you can try at 
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You need to remove your email at the old account. If you are the administrator, you cannot change email.

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