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Can I access the internet in the Canton Fair? Featured

Yes, there is wifi and high-speed Lan service at the fair. 

But you cannot use any Google service(Gmail, Search, Youtube) or Facebook, Twitter... and most of the other top internet websites or web services that blocked by China Gov.

If you really need to check your Gmail or access all internet at the fair, you have better

buy a VPN(30 free days) that can use in China now, Notice: Set it up before you go to China!

Another way that you can receive Gmail is you can use Yahoo mail or Hotmail to receive your Gmail by some settings.


***********Follow below, you can access the WIFI and High-Speed Lan at the Canton Fair complex********************

Broadband service in the Complex during the 115th Canton Fair comes in both cable and WiFi forms. Cable broadband, which requires application beforehand, mainly covers indoor exhibition halls; while the WiFi service, which can be applied for before or after the fair begins, offers two service modes, free access with limited time and paid access with unlimited time. WiFi covers outdoor and indoor exhibition halls, Pearl River Promenade, coffee shops, and other public areas. Users may choose according to their needs.

Service in the Complex provides only Http, QQ, E-mail, and other basic applications, but not special ones including securities, BT, PPS, and Xunlei.

Due to limited WiFi resources, numerous users, and signal interference, it is possible that you may experience difficulty in connecting to the network or low speed. Your understanding is appreciated.

If WiFi could not meet your demands, please go to the nearest Free Internet Zone in the Complex.

Area A: Area A: Bridge over the Pearl Promenade between Hall 4.2 and 5.2

Area B: Bridge over the Pearl Promenade between Hall 10.3 and 11.3

Area C: Corridor linking Hall 15.4 and 16.4

Free Internet Zone


1. Cable broadband

Purchase of cable broadband service: Exhibitors may go to a Customer Service Center station during the exhibition preparation period to apply for cable broadband access at the price of RMB 250 per cable per exhibition phase, make payment and collect the invoice on the spot.

Authorized ports: Access is available to ports for securities, or other special software, but not for BT, Xunlei, and games. RMB300 will be charged for each port in each exhibition phase.

Cable broadband LAN: Application for LAN is available only when an application for at least one broadband cable is made. LAN provides one broadband access port, and one hub, to which 2-7 computers can be connected. The hub requires a deposit of RMB500. Also, RMB200 will be charged for each computer connected to the LAN per exhibition phase. Please truthfully declare the number of computers in your LAN. Unauthorized LAN is forbidden. In case that the actual number of computers exceeds the declared one, you will have to pay the difference of charges, and be subject to relevant liabilities.

Remarks: Application for cable broadband will not be accepted after the Fair begins; the cable broadband service does not cover the outdoor exhibition area.


2. Free WiFi Access with Limited Time

1) The 115th Canton Fair will provide free WiFi access for 3 hours a day. The 3-hour period can be divided several times during the day. It will satisfy users’ basic business demand and can also ensure free Internet access for more people. Users who need to use the Internet for a long time can choose paid WiFi access.

2) Account and Password: All participants of the Fair will use their Canton Fair badge numbers as their account numbers for Internet access. For exhibitors of the National Pavilion, the password is the last 6 numbers of their ID Card. For buyers or exhibitors of the International Pavilion, the password is 12345678.


3. Paid Access with Unlimited Time

1) Account and Password: Users may purchase a paper Internet card at a Customer Service Center station at the price of RMB 150 per exhibition phase.

2) Card purchase locations

Area A: Service stations at Pearl River Promenade (Counters 2-4)

Area B :Service stations at Pearl River Promenade (Counter 10-1; North balcony of Hall 9.3 in Phase 1)

Area C: Service stations (Left of South Entrance of Hall 16.2)

3) Rental of the wireless network adapter. When the WiFi connection in your area is unstable, or you have a difficulty of connecting to the Internet, we recommend you use 5.8GHz wireless channels. If your Internet terminal (laptop, etc.) does not support such channels (SSID Canton fair, and not Cantonfair-a, is shown during network searching), you may rent a 5.8G wireless network adapter. The network adapters have a USB interface, and cannot be used on tablets or smartphones. The deposit required for an adapter is RMB 300, which can be paid at an on-site service station. The deposit paid at the on-site service station will be fully refunded in cash after the Fair is over.


4 How to connect to the Internet

The SSID for WiFi service is Canton fair. WiFi connection debugging service is available at certain designated places in the Complex (for more information, please consult service stations or leaflets about network service in Complex). WiFi network provides only standard Http, QQ, and E-mail services, and application for authorized ports (e.g. Internet ports for securities or special software) will not be accepted.

Step 1: Search for WiFi network named "Cantonfair" or "Cantonfair-a", and connect to it.

Step 2: Open in your browser any website, and a Canton Fair WiFi authentication web page will pop up, as shown in the following figure:

Enter correctly in the web page your account number and password (see the part of "Account and Password"), and the Internet is ready for use (Do not close the authentication page while you are using the Internet).

When you need to go offline, click the Logout button on the authentication page, and WiFi will be disconnected and the timer stopped; if you directly close the page, the timer will not stop until 5 minutes later. When you go online again, you will be reminded about the remaining time of WiFi service.

Remarks: If you have any questions, please call 4000-888-999. Users of paid service may also call the number in your SMS or on the paper Internet card. And we will send professionals to provide technical service to you.

5. On-site service

WiFi connection debugging service is available at certain designated places in the Complex (see the following table), please choose the nearest to you.


WiFi connection debugging stations

Service coverage

Area A

Information Counter, Hall 2.1

Hall 1.1/Hall 2.1/Hall 3.1

Information Counter, Hall 2.2

Hall 1.2/Hall 2.2/Hall 3.2

Information Counter, Hall 5.1

Hall 4.1/Hall 5.1

Information Counter, Hall 5.2

Hall 4.2/Hall 5.2

Information Counter, Hall 8.1

Hall 6.1/Hall 7.1/Hall 8.0/Hall 8.1

Customer Service Center station at Pearl River Promenade (Counters 2-4)

Exhibitors and Buyers moving around in Area A.

Area B

Information Counter, Hall 10.1

Hall 9.1/Hall 10.1/Hall 11.1

Information Counter, Hall 12.1

Hall 12.1/Hall 13.1

Information Counter, Hall 12.2

Hall 12.2/Hall 13.2

Customer Service Center station at Pearl River Promenade (Information counter, diagonally opposite to North Entrance of Hall 9.2 )

Exhibitors and Buyers moving around in Area B.

Information Counter, Hall 10.2

Hall 9.2/Hall 10.2/Hall 11.2

Information Counter, Hall 10.3

Hall 9.3/Hall 10.3/Hall 11.3

Area C

By the Information Counter, Hall 15.1

Hall 14.1/Hall 15.1

Customer Service Center station at Pearl River Promenade (Left of South Entrance of Hall 16.2)

Exhibitors and Buyers moving around in Area C.

By the Information Counter, Hall 15.2

Hall 14.2/Hall 15.2/Hall 16.2

By the Information Counter, Hall 15.3

Hall 14.3/Hall 15.3/Hall 16.3

By the Information Counter, Hall 15.4

Hall 14.4/Hall 15.4/Hall 16.4


6. Unauthorized use of wireless equipment is not allowed


Users must not bring wireless AP, routers, or other devices with wireless transmission function to establish a network. If the device interferes with the signal of the Complex wireless network and affects network access of other users, Canton Fair organizer has the right to stop this behavior and to disconnect the network, and ascertain responsibilities in light of the severity of the case.




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