Exhibition Halls in China

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    AsiaWorld-Expo opened in December 2005 and has become a world-class venue in Hong Kong, offering over 70,000 square meters of rentable spaces for exhibitions, conventions, concerts, sports and entertainment events.

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    The Beijing Exhibition Hall was completed in 1954. It is the first professional exhibition hall of the new China, which was written by Chairman Mao Zedong and premiered by Premier Zhou Enlai. It is the birthplace of the exhibition industry in New China and witnessed the development history and glory of New China. The pavilion is located in the prosperous business district of Xizhimen, Beijing. It covers an area of more than 100,000 square meters. The main building complex is magnificent and elegant and has become the landmark building of the capital Beijing. In December 2007, the Beijing Exhibition Hall was approved by the Beijing Municipal Government to be listed in the “Beijing Excellent Modern and Contemporary Building Protection List (First Batch)”, and was selected by the China Cultural Relics Society and the Chinese Architectural Association in September 2016. The first batch of China's 20th-century architectural heritage "list.


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    China Import and Export Complex, also name Guangzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center(Canton Fair Complex for short), the largest modernized exhibition centre in Asia, is located in Pazhou Island, Guangzhou, China.

    China Import and Export Fair Complex (Canton Fair Complex for short), the largest modernized exhibition centre in Asia, is located in Pazhou Island, Guangzhou, China. It is a perfect integration of human and ecological concerns and high technology, sparkling the world like a shining star.

    The complex covers a total construction area of 1,100,000 M2 with the indoor exhibition area of 338,000 M2 and the outdoor exhibition area of 43,600 M2. Area A has an indoor exhibition area of 130,000 M2 and an outdoor exhibition area of 30,000 M2, Area B has an indoor exhibition area of 128,000 M2 and an outdoor exhibition area of 13,600 M2, and Area C has an indoor exhibition area of 80,000 M2.


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    China International Exhibition Center Tianzhu New Hall was established and invested by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade. It has a large scale, complete facilities, and complete functions. It is a 30-minute drive from Jing’an Zhuang, and the two halls plan and implement integrated management and management. Well-known exhibitions such as machine tools, automobiles, printing, communications, metallurgy, glass, etc., are the first choice for exhibitors and exhibitions in the capital.
    China International Exhibition Center Tianzhu New Hall has a total planned land area of 155.5 hectares. Upon completion, it will become the largest and most complete exhibition center in Beijing. Including 16 separable single, single-layer, column-free, large space exhibition hall, indoor use area of 200,000 square meters. Each exhibition hall can independently host small exhibitions and exhibitions and can communicate with each other through internal corridors, which is conducive to hosting large-scale exhibitions. In the first phase, 8 exhibition halls were built, with an indoor area of 100,000 square meters and an outdoor area of 50,000 square meters. Since its inception in 2008, the exhibition has increased rapidly year by year. At present, more than 30 exhibitions are held every year. Most of them are well-known large and medium-sized exhibitions at home and abroad, which greatly promotes the rapid development of Beijing's convention and exhibition industry, and is the exhibition economy and economic and trade industry in China. Growing prosperity has made new contributions.


  • China International Exhibition Center (Jing'an Zhuang Hall) is the earliest state-level exhibition hall approved by the State Council, ranking first among the top ten buildings in Beijing in the 1980s. Since the completion of the "Asia-Pacific Expo" in 1985, it has opened the prelude to the vigorous development of China's modern exhibition industry after the reform and opening up, which has effectively promoted and promoted the rapid development of China's exhibition industry, especially for China's reform and opening up, domestic and foreign economy. Technical exchanges, trade exchanges and the increasingly perfecting of the socialist market economic system have all played a positive and significant role.
    China International Exhibition Center Jing'an Zhuang has 8 exhibition halls with an indoor area of 53,000 square meters and an outdoor area of 7,000 square meters. After more than 30 years of cultivation and development, more than 100 small and medium-sized exhibitions are held from time to time, with an exhibition area of more than 1 million square meters. It has become the industry's attention, and is widely welcomed by domestic and foreign sponsors and has the highest occupancy rate. Since the completion of the Tianzhu New Hall (Phase I) in 2008, the two pavilions have strengthened the overall coordination, professional management, and integrated operation. The Jing'an Zhuang Pavilion has also played the role of an incubator for the large-scale exhibition of the Tianyu New Hall.
    China International Exhibition Center Jing'an Zhuang is located in the bustling commercial center of North Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. It has all kinds of services, popular and advantageous location; subway, bus, and rental are convenient. In addition to being an important exhibition platform for promoting domestic and international economic activities, the China International Exhibition Center Jing'an Zhuang is also an ideal venue for annual meetings, conferences, and other corporate events.

  • With a total area of 1,020,000 square meters, the traditional trade zone of China Textile City consists of Beilian Market, Dongsheng Road Market, Old Market, United Market, Tianhui Market, East Market, North Market, West Market Area etc.


  • Located in the core of Guang-Fo metropolitan area and as the important transportation junction of Pearl River Delta Region, Guangdong Tanzhou International Convention, and Exhibition Center (GICEC) provides an excellent international exhibition platform for ceramic and bathroom products enterprises from all over the world, especially enterprises in Guangdong and Foshan to exhibit and visit. In cooperation with the international exhibition industry giant Deutsche Messe AG, the exhibition hall is specially positioned and designed for industrial exhibition with a high floor, large loading capacity and extra-big door, etc. which fill the blank of the large-scale industrial exhibition hall in China. The total planned area of GICEC is about 300,000m2, including an approximate gross floor area of 200,000m2. The total area of Phase1 is about 161,000 m2, with a total construction area of 117,000 m2 and gross floor area of 95,000m2. Phase 1 is constituted by 5 one-story exhibiting halls (9,072 m2 exhibiting area each), conference center and registration hall and energy center, etc. Each hall is able to provide 500 booths and altogether 5 halls provide 2500 booths. Also, GICEC provides two WIFI systems for each hall, one for exhibitors, the other one for audiences, allowing 8000 people to use simultaneously. In the future, total exhibition area will over 100,000 m2, and CICPE will become the most influential international ceramic and bathroom products exhibition.

  • GUANGZHOU INTERNATIONAL SOURCING CENTRE belongs to Guangzhou Yin Yi group. The pavilion is located in Pazhou Island, Haizhu, Guangzhou. B Pavilion at Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Center. 

  • Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center - Zhongshan is located beside Gushen Highway in Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City. It is located at the entrance of Zhongjiang Expressway, Gushen Highway and Guangzhou - Zhuhai Express Railway into the central area of Guzhen Town. The total land area is 62846.62 square meters, and the total construction area is about 33671 square meters, of which the exhibition hall area is 29258 square meters, of which the conference reception center has a construction area of 4413 square meters, and there are more than 1500 standard booths. It is divided into three exhibition halls according to functions: Hall A is Pavilion decoration lighting area, Hall B is lighting brand area, Hall C is professional lighting area. The business center of the machine, the conference center, the catering center, and the office of the exhibition company are equal. The total investment of the project is 110 million yuan.

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    The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, located on the magnificent and renowned Victoria Harbour, is owned by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (TDC) and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Management) Limited ("HML") is the professional private management and operating company responsible for providing day to day management for the Centre. 

  • Nan Fung International Convention & Exhibition Center and Langham Place Guangzhou which are developed by the Hong Kong-based Nan Fung Group with an investment more than 3 billion RMB. It’s the first commercial flagship in Guangzhou that integrates exhibition facilities with a five-star hotel.

    Located in the core area of Pazhou Convention and Exhibition and trade zone, NICEC sits right next to Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, the venue for the Canton Fair covers an area of 32,836 square meters (the planned overall floorage is 150,089 square meters), enjoying convenient transportation.

    With modern and professional services, NICEC provides a unique platform for brands and businessmen to create unlimited values and achieve ultimate goal of success.


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    Totaling RMB 16 billion in investment, National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) is a large exhibition center co-built by Ministry of Commerce of China and Shanghai Municipal Government, with a total construction area of 1.47 million square meters, among which 1.27 million square meters are above ground. It consists of exhibition halls, the NECC Plaza, office buildings and a high-end brand hotel, offering services concentrating on exhibition, convention, events, commerce, office work, and accommodation.

    The facade of the NECC building draws inspiration from a mellow and auspicious “four-leaf clover” with the Commercial Plaza acting as the central core and the exhibition halls as the leaves. Blending with many Chinese elements and design concept of symmetry axis layout, it is one of the landmark buildings in Shanghai. 


  • PWTC Expo integrates functions of exhibition, conference, year-round brand exhibition, business office, catering and accommodation, all of which complement each other and add value to the center as a whole, making it a large-scale, high-standard and well-equipped "Convention, Business and Leisure" exhibition commercial complex in Pazhou as well as in Guangzhou region. As an important part of Poly World Trade Center, with its superior geographical location, convenient traffic, flexible space design, perfect supporting facilities, professional services, as well as the momentum of Guangzhou's construction of an exhibition capital, PWTC Expo has emerged as a pearl in the exhibition industry since its inception in October 2008.

    Poly World Trade Center is the largest and most comprehensive integrated commercial real estate project in South China, adjacent to the prestigious "China Import and Export Fair Pavilion", the Poly World Trade Center as the core part of Poly Global Trade Centre, with a seamless connection to Pazhou station subway, the total construction area of 92,300 square meters

    , a total of 6 international standard exhibition halls and 1 subway showrooms are set up. Since October 2008 officially put into use, by virtue of advantageous geographical location, convenient traffic conditions, flexible space design, perfect supporting facilities, professional team of quality service, polymerization exhibition, conference, brand perennial exhibition trade, business office, catering, accommodation in one, to become the most influential exhibition center in South China, Win the exhibition industry's attention.

    The Expo is located in the heart of the Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Circle in Haizhu District, Guangzhou. Metro Line 8 has direct access to the entrance of the exhibition hall, and its "Pazhou Station" is seamlessly connected to the Expo. The road transportation network is fast and convenient. It is adjacent to the Ring Expressway in the east, the South China Expressway in the west, Newport East Road in the north and Fengpu Middle Road in the south, and many bus lines intersect here. With all these transport infrastructures, passengers can quickly reach Guangzhou Railway Station, Guangzhou East Railway Station, Guangzhou South Railway Station, Tianhe Coach Terminal Station, and Baiyun International Airport.




  • The Qingdao International Convention Center (QICC) is located at the Century Square of the Qingdao Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone. It is located at the base of WuShan. With an area of 250,000 square meters, it currently remains the largest museum for exhibition and convention purposes in Shandong province. 

    Co-invested and constructed by the governments of Shandong province and City of Qingdao, The Qingdao International Convention Center (QICC) belongs to the Bureau of Qingdao Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation as a government-run establishment.

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    The Shanghai Exhibition Centre or the Shanghai Exhibition Hall is an exhibition and convention centre in central Shanghai. The building was built in 1955 as the Sino-Soviet Friendship Building to commemorate the alliance between China and the Soviet Union, a name by which many locals still refer to the building. Reflecting its original name, the design draws heavily on Russian and Empire style neoclassical architecture with Stalinist neoclassical innovations. The building is a major landmark in Shanghai. At 93,000 square metres, it is one of the largest integrated building complexes in central Shanghai by footprint. At 110.4 metres (to top of spire), it was for decades (1955–1988) the tallest building in Shanghai. Its main frontage, an open quadrangle with an elaborate central tower, faces Yan'an Road, today the main east-west artery across central Shanghai, while its secondary façade, a colonnade, faces West Nanjing Road, one of the premier retail and commercial streets of Shanghai.

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    SNIEC, the only Sino-german joint venue with western management is the leading international exhibition venue in the heart of Shanghai, a metropolis with 25 million people. It is the commercial hub and gateway of China, connecting the rest of our country with Asia and the world. Most of the country's production and distribution centers are located near Shanghai.

    We are honored to be named one of the leading exhibition venues in the world, and our hard work shows. With an over 70 percent occupancy rate in 2014, we are No. 1 in the world.

    With 15 years of experience working alongside top global and domestic organizers, we have further developed our partnerships and excellence into a win-win success story. In fact, almost 5 million visitors attend over 100 international trade shows in our 300.000m2 venue each year. The competitive market in China - especially Shanghai - motivates us to continuously improve our already well-established and respected services with only one goal: Make your show even better and more successful in the future.

    The whole SNIEC team is 100 percent committed to making your show the leading one in your industry! We look forward to serving your exhibitions, events, and clients. We understand your needs, come and challenge us.


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    Shanghai East Best Convention & Exhibition Management Co., Ltd was established to operate the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center during the World Expo period and to further develop and utilize the venue after the World Expo. Its business covers organizing events such as exhibitions, conferences, business events, culture, and entertainment as well as sports events, including venue leasing and management, event planning and organizing, booth constructing, furniture leasing, exhibits forwarding, advertisement designing, etc. 
    Main Business
    Venue leasing and management. 
    Events planning and organizing.
    Events supporting services: booth constructing, furniture leasing, exhibits forwarding, advertisement designing, etc.
    Other services: relaxation, tour, entertainment, food & beverage, retail services.


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    Shenzhen convention and exhibition center exhibition, conference, business, catering, entertainment, etc at an organic whole, invested by Shenzhen municipal government, entrust the Shenzhen convention and exhibition center management co., LTD., officially put into use in 2004. Since opening in 2004, nearly 300 exhibitions, has successfully held more than 1350 meetings, with the audience of more than 2000.2008 held in Shenzhen convention and exhibition center, a total of 75 games exhibition, more than 500 games meeting, exhibition area of 1.8 million square meters, the third national counterparts.

    Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center is located in the city center district, Shenzhen City, the largest single building, covers an area of 22 million square meters, with a total construction area of 280000 square meters from east to west of 540 meters, 282 meters wide north-south, above ground up to a maximum of 60 meters, 6 floors, underground 2 layer, steel structure, glass dome and wall perfect combination, night in the decorative lighting, exquisitely carved, "Crystal Palace" reputation.

    Exhibition, conference and service functions in a hierarchical layout, both relatively independent and closely. A layer of 9 large exhibition hall into a "U" type, the indoor exhibition area of 105000 square meters, can accommodate 5000 international standard booth exhibition. Conference Center suspended in the exhibition hall, with a total of 35 meeting rooms, functional excellence, different sizes, and can be used as a high-end dining venue. Two tier service area of the main channel up to 480 meters, through the things, the upper pass issued to focus on providing a variety of supporting services exhibition.

    Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, advanced facilities, complete, is to host a variety of exhibitions, conferences, meetings, ceremonies, rituals, celebrations and performing arts activities of the ideal election.

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    Since the TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall opened in 2008 it has become a key landmark in Taipei and model for the MICE industry. The structure’s purpose-built twin-level show floors contain an impressive 45,360 sqm of show space. On the upper level of this green-certified building is the SkyDome. The Dome is Taiwan’s largest column-free showground and can hold 18,000 people. It is a great place for international trade shows, concerts, direct sales conferences, religious conference, incentive travel events, and year-end parties.

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    Yiwu International Expo Center is nestled in Yiwu, China. This center is one of the most famous centers of the country. It hosts some of the renowned international events every year linked to a variety of industries. The whole complex is made up of an exhibition hall, a 28 floors 5-star hotel, library, exhibition center, stadium, and swimming gym. Yiwu expo center makes this district a truly exhibition area and public activities place. The exhibition center boasts of its multifunctional and flexible areas and of its capability to host different kinds of events. Yiwu International Expo Center is one of the most suitable space providers for every event.

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