Foxing-Guangzhou Hotel Equipment and Supply Exhibition (GHESE)

From December 12, 2019 09:00 until December 14, 2019 17:00
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Guangdong fo xing exhibition service co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "fo xing exhibition") is a focus on service hotel supplies and food industry exhibition planning and the organizer, has been successfully held in guangzhou, Shanghai organization fo xing hotel supplies exhibition series, after years of development and improvement, fo xing hotel supplies exhibition, guangzhou has become China's largest hotel food and beverage industry and one of the strongest comprehensive exhibition, commitment to industry enterprises to build a foothold domestic radiation global sourcing platform.

Product Categories
  • Cleaning products

Garbage bags, garbage shovel, trash can, floor brush, dust, mop, cleaning machine, polishing machine, machine, suction machine, hair dryer, vacuum cleaners, air is fresh, brush machine, cleaning machine, electronic c box, soap, disinfectant, laundry detergent, detergent, clean kitchen toilet agent, electrostatic dust absorption agent, stainless steel cleaner, glass cleaner, neutral almighty detergent, hand sanitizer, work shoes, gloves, cleaning clothes, waterproof insulation corrupt agent stone, artificial stone, marble, granite curing agent curing agent curing agent, etc

  • Leisure sports

1.Fitness equipment and supplies: treadmills, treadmills, exercise machines, rowing machines, fitness chairs, exercise bikes, fitness balls, jumping beds, rope skipping, barbells, dumbbells, dance blankets, jumping shoes, lipo-cutting machines, massager, combination fitness equipment;Abdominal fitness equipment, fitness board, rubber belt, treadmill computer, motor, controller, fitness club related equipment;Billiards and related products, table football, indoor happy football, simulated football, simulated golf mahjong and mahjong machine, chess, playing CARDS and related products
2.SPA SPA, aromatherapy, leisure equipment: various bathroom equipment, bath equipment, shower room, sauna equipment, massage equipment, pedicures series products, bath clothing, bath products, consumables, bath health products;Medical SPA, mineral SPA, beauty care equipment, beauty and body care equipment and products, SPA equipment, cosmetics, care products, aromatherapy, bath salts, mineral mud, essential oils, seaweed, seaweed, sea salt, SPA engineering;SPA room thermostat, heat pump hot water equipment, solar hot water equipment, electric hot water equipment, gas hot water equipment, hot water boiler equipment, central hot water equipment, etc
3.KTV entertainment equipment and supplies such as: lighting, audio equipment, stage machinery and light smoke effects equipment, LED, fog screen system, radio and video system, projector and peripheral equipment, TV and LCD splicing wall, jukebox systems, singing, DJ equipment, microphones and accessories, recording and tuning equipment, amplifiers, effects, processing;Catering management, monitoring, member management, intelligent control system;

  • Desktop products

Glass tableware, glass turntable, glassware, alcohol lamp, ceramic tableware, melamine products, silver tableware, bamboo tableware, stainless steel tableware, melamine tableware, cooking utensils, Japanese and Korean tableware, candlestick, wine rack, vase, indicator, paper towel box, toothpick box, brand number, ashtray, bar supplies, etc

  • Kitchen equipment

1.Hutch equipment: large starch furnace, steamed rice, freeing up furnace, furnace, seafood soup powder steamed ark, soup, liquid thermal conductive pan, cooking porridge furnace atomization digester package furnace, energy saving, water boiler, electromagnetic range, large cookstoves, sandwich pot, wide type kitchen, su shi, freeing up stove oven, low Shang Zao rice set, workbench, sell, store cupboard, fruit and vegetable shelf, stainless steel household utensils, cutlery, knives, tableware washing pool, dishwasher, automatic packaging machine, disinfection cabinet, lampblack purifier, hood, hookah, ventilator, oil-water separator, wind ark, mixer, slicing machine, bean sprouts machine, etc
West kitchen equipment: burn oven even tank, heat preservation Shang Chi even ark, blast furnace gas controlled temperature even ark, preheat a even ark, even the ark, the kanto cook cooking noodles furnace, blast furnace, light wave stove, nestle furnace, oven, lifting surface burning stove, toast furnace, Ben ji furnace, fish ball, rotating chicken furnace, teppanyaki, ice crusher, Fried ice machine, burger machine, sausage machine, popcorn machine, Chinese chestnut, ice cream machine, cotton candy machine, fructose quantitative machine, vacuum curing machine, French fries, bread machine, juicer, insulation dining car, etc
2.Refrigeration equipment: seafood workbench, drinks cabinets, fresh cabinet, mesa, short clothes closet, ice machine, vertical display cabinet, horizontal refrigerators, refrigerator, the refrigeration high personally workbench, the bar cabinet, cake showcase, ice cream display cabinets, desktop basin mesa, frozen pizza, sushi cabinets, ice island ark condole ark, banquet, dining car supermarket, low temperature frozen cabinet, supermarket display cases, air curtain cabinets, supermarket cooked food supermarket cabinet, supermarket seafood ark, supermarket vegetables ark, etc


  • Meal diet material

Trend of the drink
Food materials and materials
Hot pot special exhibition area
Alcoholic drinks
Catering equipment and food packaging
Aquaculture seafood

  • Guest room supplies

TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, electric kettle, electric hair dryers, electric iron, electric iron plate, comb, shower gel, shampoo, disposable toothbrush, non-slip MATS, clothes hanger, clothes peg, shower head, faucet, mirror, bedside lamp, floodlight, glass, toilet cover, toilet, sink, the tub, mahjong table, bar, chairs, tables, etc

  • Hotel textile

Quilt, pillow, quilt, dining linen, bathroom linen, decorative linen, meeting linen, hotel work clothes, bathrobe, towel, bath towel, carpet, laundry bag, hair dryer bag, tablecloth, cushion, napkin, etc

  • Hotel furniture

Catering, room furniture, antique furniture, suite furniture decoration furniture, banquet furniture, outdoor furniture, leisure furniture, bar table, bar counter, bar stool, bar, hotel sofa, TV ark, dresser, nightstand, hotel guest room bed, hotel mattress, hotel dining table, electric, induction cooker, plastic flower, wallpaper, crystal lamp, etc

  • The hotel intelligence

Hotel monitoring, POS machine, safe, telephone, audio, door lock, hotel software, can control, room appliances

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