Guangzhou International Intelligent Equipment & Robot Expo.

From June 22, 2019 09:00 until June 24, 2019 17:00
Categories: Automation & Robotics
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        The "Guangzhou Zhi Expo" follows the advantages of the "precision power" of the previous exhibition, keenly captures the forefront of the development of the intelligent manufacturing industry, with the theme of "New Wisdom, new ecology, new kinetic energy and a new era", to demonstrate the promotion of industrialization and the deep integration of information technology intelligent manufacturing line, to "industrial Internet" as the core gripper
        Fully connected to industrial cloud services, industrial big data, the Internet of things and other "Made in China 2025" focus on emerging industries, highlighting intelligent manufacturing, ecological manufacturing, service docking "manufacturing power" and the national "Belt and Road" development strategy. In order to speed up the process of promoting the integration of traditional manufacturing industry, "Guangzhou Zhi Expo" This year will hold a grand "smart manufacturing Hundred Summit ' hundred strong List licensing" recognition activities, will focus on the "industrial new four-base" intelligent products/solutions Typical practice cases, intelligent manufacturing leaders/
        Innovative people's advanced deeds and outstanding contributions, the release of intelligent manufacturing Patents hundred list, the dissemination of intellectual ideas, promote industry practice, share the results of the demonstration.
        During the exhibition, we will also hold a series of intelligent manufacturing industry economic and trade activities, such as the Millennium Conference of the International Intelligent Factory, the Global Industrial Internet Conference, the International Intelligent economy and Talent Training Summit Forum, and the field Intelligent Factory docking meeting, so as to play a more positive role in the "Two integration" and transformation and upgrading of the national manufacturing industry. 2018 "Guangzhou Zhi Expo" exhibition area of 30,000 square meters, the theme of two Pavilion four districts, respectively, intelligent Factory Hall, industrial Internet Ecological pavilion and intelligent equipment area, intelligent robot area, high-end equipment and robot key parts area, high-end conference area. The exhibition in the maintenance of the past intelligent equipment, key robots and other high-tech enterprises to participate in the participation, but also continue to inject biopharmaceutical, intelligent medical and other "fresh blood", to stimulate the industry's new vitality across the border.