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China International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference and Exhibition

From September 27, 2020 10:00 until September 29, 2020 18:00
Categories: New Energy

China International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference and Exhibition

China International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference and Exhibition

CHFCE - China International Hydrogen And Fuel Cell Conference And Exhibition will be held in Beijing. As a very important industrial raw material, products and clean energy, hydrogen are widely used in various fields like chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, fuel cells. According to the report of the market research firm Persistence, global hydrogen demand will grow 27% till, an increase from 255.3 billion cubic meters in 2013 to 324.8 billion cubic meters. The Asia-pacific region, especially in China will become the world's largest hydrogen market.

Co-organized by China Machinery Industry Federation and China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, Branch Association of Fuelcell, Hydrogen Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance of China, supported by International Association of Hydrogen Energy, Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, the  China International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference & Exhibition will hold in China International Exhibition Center.

EHFCE is China is the first professional, large-scale, high-level, covered whole industry chain hydrogen and fuel cell exhibition platform. Since 2016,CHFCE held 3 sessions successfully, which has been well recognized by the industry players.CHFCE Beijing 2018 has more than 60 exhibitors from more than 10countries from all over the world, the exhibition areas were large than 6000 square meters, visitors were more than 1200 people, CHFCE now has become the only brand exhibition in hydrogen and fuel cell industry. represent China is current development level of hydrogen and fuel cells.

China International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference and Exhibition aims to promote hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles experiment site and demonstration running, carry out hydrogen infrastructure, research and testing services etc public facilities building, break through the key materials and accessories technology, lead and develop hydrogen and fuel cell technology chain and industry chain, promote the commercialization of china's hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles development.


Exhibitor Product Profile

The Show Will Exhibits Hydrogen products, Hydrogen distribution infrastructure, Hydrogen storage, Hydrogen component/equipment manufacture, Fuel cell manufacture, Fuel cell vehicles, Renewable energy with Hydrogen And Much More.

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