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IECIE - Shanghai eCig Expo

From November 16, 2020 10:00 until November 18, 2020 19:00
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IECIE - Shanghai eCig Expo
Shanghai Vape Culture Week

IECIE Shanghai stop is focusing on industrial innovation and technology in the fields of Heat-not-Burn and functional e-cigarettes. It is committed to deep excavation, promotion, and innovation of the vape industry, expanding the influence of vape culture among the public, leading the upgrading of the industrial structure and creating a new concept of e-cigarettes.

This show conducts in-depth analysis and display of the industry from the perspectives of exhibition and conference, drawing 30+ tobacco companies and 500+ brands worldwide, the Expo will be held with a new image in Shanghai New International Expo Center, with an exhibiting area of 23,000 square meters, and it will attract 1000+ brands to attend the show.

Shanghai Vape Culture Week will be a collective station for the world's latest ecig products and technologies and one-stop platform for liquids, accessories and vape subculture. Dedicated to the industrial and exhibition development, with the nature of entertainment and target to players, Shanghai Vape Culture Week will include overseas and domestic streetwear, lifestyle, skateboard, tattoo, the car turning, and more brands. In the creation of a consumer-targeted exhibition, with the enhanced experience in a deeper meaning to the vape culture in the Yangtze River Delta region. To further promote and enhance the import and export e-cig products in a more diverse consumer market.

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