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China International Auto Maintenance & Repair Expo

From October 13, 2020 until October 15, 2020
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China making it the world's largest car market

China has more than 220 million cars on its roads and is expected to have more than 250 million by 2020. China is expected to produce more than 40 million cars a year in 2019 and 45 million in 2020, making it the world's largest car market. Automobile after-sales service market is an important part of automobile market consumption. The rapid development of China's automobile industry has provided a solid industrial foundation and strong market support for automobile after-sales service market, and will form a 1.5-2 trillion yuan super-large automobile after-sales market.


Will cooperate more than a hundred large squads for a full range of three-dimensional publicity media

AMRE is a professional auto maintenance industry-oriented national international brand exhibition, relying on the auto industry and the world's largest potential market resources, according to the requirements of metal industry development present situation and domestic and foreign markets, in inherited and extended on the basis of past successful experience in the exhibition, at all levels of government departments, industry association under the concern and support, after the organizers of careful organization planning, collaboration, AMRE will reappear in Guangzhou with a new outlook 2020, the exhibition will show the latest products and achievements in the field of metal and the future development direction, will cooperate more than a hundred large squads for a full range of three-dimensional publicity media.


For the majority of domestic and foreign exhibitors to provide "professional, international and brand display platform

We will continue to "outstanding brand, pioneering and innovative, pragmatic, strengthen service" exhibition purposes, relying on the unique creative, scientific management and excellent service, with a new concept for the general domestic and foreign exhibitors to provide a "specialization, internationalization and branding" display platform, for the global auto maintenance industry to provide more opportunities for cooperation, promoted the Chinese metal products fully into the global procurement system, with the rest of the world auto industry coordination and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win and common development and progress.

Product Categories
  • Automotive maintenance equipment
  • Vehicle maintenance tools
  • Special machine for vehicle maintenance
  •  car maintenance teaching AIDS
  •  automobile testing equipment
  • Automotive spray products
  • Paint and repair products
  • Automotive tire related products
  • Automotive tire repair equipment and products
  •  automobile beauty maintenance equipment and products
  •  drainage purification system
  • Automotive environmental protection and energy-saving products
  • Automotive electronics
  • Automotive safety products
  • Car service chain operation
  • S other

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