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China (Guangzhou) International Exhibition on Packaging Products 2022

From March 04, 2022 until March 06, 2022
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The exhibitions continue to create an all-round display platform for the entire packaging industry chain. Six zones are featured this year, they are "Smart Packaging + Smart Logistics", "Food Packaging", "Liquid Packaging", "General Packaging", "Coding & Marking" and "Packaging Products & Materials", covering multiple end-use spectrums like food, food processing, catering, beverage/dairy products/alcohols, daily chemicals, pharmaceutical/health care products, home appliance/3C, express delivery, e-commerce, automobile, etc.

PACKINNO Highlights
  •  Flexible Packaging and Materials
    A wide array of colorful, functional and innovate flexible packaging materials serving the demand of our visitors from food, beverage, cosmetics and personal care products sectors.
  •  Innovative and Sustainable Packaging Materials
    The keywords and trends for packaging worldwide. Suppliers from home and abroad showcase their innovative work fulfilling different packaging needs with better performance.
  •  Packaging for Catering & Take-Away
    Grasp the trend. Bring your delightful, high quality and environmentally friendly packaging and tableware for F&B outlets and takeaway suppliers.
  •  Logistics Packaging
    From boxes, containers, pallets, cushioning stuff to adhesives, etc. A one-stop business exchanged and sourcing platform for visitors from logistics, e-commerce and manufacturing sectors.


Product Categories:
  • Packaging Products
    Paper Packaging Products, Plastic Packaging Products, Metal Packaging Products, Glass Packaging Products, Textile Packaging Products, Other Packaging Products
  • Packaging Materials
    Paper Packaging Materials, Plastic Packaging Materials, Metal Packaging Materials, New Packaging Materials, Other Packaging Materials, Aluminum Foil Packaging Materials, Flexible Packaging Materials
  • Logistics Packaging Materials
    Rust-Proof Packaging, Shock-Proof Packaging, Moisture-Proof Packaging, Anti-counterfeit Packaging, Heavy-Duty Packaging, Other Functional Packaging, Other Packaging Materials
  • Innovative Packaging Raw Materials
    Bio-based/Plant-based Packaging Materials
  • Products and Design Services

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