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Jingzheng Guangzhou International Pregnancy and Baby Products Fair(Pregnant Baby Products) 2021

From November 19, 2021 09:30 until November 21, 2021 18:00

Beijing jingzheng international exhibition co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "jingzheng international") is a professional service provider mainly undertaking large-scale exhibition activities. The company's business involves professional exhibitions and large-scale conferences, and organizes Chinese enterprises to participate in overseas exhibitions and overseas investigation activities.Since its establishment in 2001, the company has successfully held many domestic large-scale exhibitions, conferences and overseas investigation activities, among which the exclusive large-scale exhibition brand -- jingzheng international pregnancy, baby and child products expo has been held twice a year in Beijing and guangzhou respectively. So far, it has successfully held 28 sessions.

Jingzheng international adhering to the "integrity, professional, innovation, dedication" concept, to standardize the management and quality service, has won the majority of exhibitors and visitors highly recognized.By virtue of its exhibition scale and industry influence, jingzheng international has established Beijing baby & baby products industry association (BMICIA for short), and has been elected as the President unit of Beijing baby & baby products industry association, making new contributions to improving the exhibition level of baby & baby industry and promoting trade cooperation and technical exchanges in baby & baby industry.
Jingzheng international always believes: "focus, achievement excellence;Honesty creates quality.After more than ten years of efforts, jingzheng international has always been at the forefront of the pregnant, infant and child industry.At the same time of holding the exhibition, jingzheng international also holds a lot of seminars and activities that have influence on the industry, so that exhibitors and dealers can get together, communicate face to face, help them improve the communication efficiency, and reach the cooperation intention more quickly.In order to promote the seamless communication among regional pregnant, infant and child production enterprises, jingzheng international made full use of its resource advantages, gathered regional enterprises together and held the "jingzheng - maternal and child industry series symposium", the first stop of which was held in nanchang, jiangxi province.At the meeting, jingzheng international cooperated with jiangxi infant and child enterprises and formally established the food safety alliance for pregnant and infant children in jiangxi.Symposium has been held in other regions of the country, in shantou symposium held in shantou, Beijing is called on the international shantou many pregnant baby and child enterprises to "create shantou pregnant baby and child leading industry chain", give full play to the regional resource advantages, as early as possible to achieve the leading position in the pregnant baby and child industry.The successful holding of a series of BBS seminars and symposiums has laid a solid foundation for the professional and international development of jingzheng pregnancy, baby and child exhibition and promoted the healthy and sustainable development of China's pregnancy, baby and child industry.

Product Categories
  • All kinds of products and service organizations related to clothes, food, accommodation, transportation, education, music and so on.
  • All kinds of baby clothing, clothing, shoes and hats related to all products and fabrics, accessories.
  • All kinds of toys, preschool education products and service organizations.

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