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Guangzhou International New Building Formwork Scaffold and Construction Technology and Equipment Exhibition

From September 15, 2021 until September 17, 2021


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Guangzhou International New Building Formwork Scaffold and Construction Technology and Equipment Exhibition

The exhibition aims to build a three-in-one communication and trading platform for the real estate industry, architectural design and construction industry, construction formwork and scaffolding related enterprises throughout the industrial chain. The exhibition has received positive response and participation from relevant units at home and abroad. Development so far has become one of the most influential brand exhibition in the field of formwork scaffolding in China and has set up the template scaffold industry new materials, new products, new technology in the construction industry application development vane.


Guangzhou formwork exhibition attracts many professionals from real estate developers

Guangzhou formwork exhibition attracts many professionals from real estate developers, construction engineering units, leasing enterprises, distribution channels, manufacturers, buyers, design agencies, overseas buyers and other industrial chain professionals to participate in the exhibition every year, and has been unanimously recognized by exhibitors, buyers and industry professionals. Through the rapid development and precipitation in recent years, the scale of the third Guangzhou formwork exhibition will expand again, the growth rate is expected to reach 50%, the scale of the exhibition and the number of buyers will hit a new high.

During the exhibition will also be held "template and scaffold southern development BBS, docking activities, technical advice, visit well-known enterprises and demonstration projects and well-known exhibitors issued" China template scaffold industry green products "certificate and other activities.


Product Category:

1. Formwork: composite aluminum alloy formwork, plastic formwork, exposed concrete formwork, wood beam formwork system, steel (aluminum) frame plywood formwork, steel (aluminum) frame plastic formwork, wood plywood formwork, bamboo plywood formwork, steel formwork, column formwork, wellbore formwork, early removal formwork, climbing formwork, bridge, and tunnel formwork.

2. Scaffolding categories: electric bridge scaffold, adhesive lifting scaffolding, pin scaffold, splice scaffold, wheel scaffold, bowl multi-function scaffold, gantry scaffold, mobile scaffold, trapezoidal scaffold, scaffold for indoor decoration, chrysanthemum scaffold, aluminum alloy scaffolding, elevator, adjustable head frame, 4-angle roof propping, bailey truss, aluminum alloy scaffolding, scaffolding accessories, foot pedals, safety net, etc.

3.Equipment: formwork cutting equipment, formwork punching equipment, formwork and scaffold welding equipment, scaffold production line, formwork cleaning equipment, formwork surface treatment equipment, etc.

4. Software: 3d template design software, template configuration software, BIM software, scaffolding mechanics calculation software, etc.

5. Other categories: independent support, woodworking beam, formwork connection, scaffold accessories, puller, pin, pin, nut, gasket, back, fixture, release agent, paint, etc.

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