Canton Fair 2019


Guangzhou International Health Care Industry Exposition(HCI)

From August 30, 2019 09:00 until September 01, 2019 17:00
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Guangzhou - China Import and Export Complex Address: No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China


"Healthy China" has become a national strategy, and the health industry is growing rapidly

In recent years, from the economic development drive to the policy and regulation support to the general public awareness, all kinds of signs show that China's health care industry is in the stage of rapid development. In the next decade, the great health industry will usher in a new round of outbreak."Healthy China" has become a national strategy, and the health industry is growing rapidly.


Respond to the occasion and do well

Respond to the occasion and do well. Guangzhou as south China regional medical center and medicine circulation center, medical and health care infrastructure, medical resources average PeiZhiLv were higher than the national average, and formed a complete medical and health care, pension, health care, and health insurance health diversified service networks, such as medical services, radiation in south China and Southeast Asia. As the cultural center of Lingnan traditional Chinese medicine, it has also contributed to the traditional Chinese medicine industry in Guangzhou. Under the new and significant historical opportunity, Guangzhou health industry expands the territory in the new field, promotes the health industry and the Internet, the wisdom medical treatment, the organic health food and so on the fusion aspect consummation.

Product Categories
  • Health Care Food: health food and raw material, fortified food, tonic, enzymes, dendrobium, probiotics, beauty slimming products, foods for special medical purpose, functional beverage, nutrition recipe and etc.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Products: moxibustion, health-preserving instruments, body care products, TCM fumigation products and etc.
  • Eye Care: massage device for eyes, eye health food, eye drops, eye pad and etc.
  • Hydrogen-related Product: hydrogen drinking products, hydrogen-water beauty products, hydrogen-water fabrication facilities & packaging and etc.
  • Smart Health-Care: digital medical equipment, medical wearables, telemedicine, medical robot, precision medical products, digital health products and etc.


Health Monitoring: Health physical examination instrument, health examination institutions, gene detection, an institution for the aged.
Household Product: household testing instrument, household therapeutic apparatus, healthy house product and etc.
Eye wash and eye drops
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