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South China Book Festival

From August 20, 2021 until August 30, 2021

South China Book Festival
  • The annual south Guangdong land cultural feast
  • A leading brand promoting nationwide reading
  • A reading carnival with over one million participants
  • The most influential and influential Chinese book fair
  • An important platform to promote the cultural image of Guangdong


By the CPC Guangdong provincial party committee propaganda department

By the CPC Guangdong provincial party committee propaganda department, news publishing, NHK, municipal party committee propaganda department of the communist party of China Guangzhou, Guangdong province, Guangzhou culture, radio and television news and publication sponsored, southern media co., LTD., Guangdong Xinhua publishing group, Guangzhou Xinhua publishing group of units to undertake "scholarly festival in the south" brand was founded in 1993, 2007 "scholarly festival in the south" and "Guangzhou fair" began to show unity.
In 2008, the publicity department of the provincial party committee began to lead the book festival, coordinating the participation of all forces and resources, fully mobilizing the enthusiasm of the news media, successfully creating a good atmosphere for readers to love books, read books and read books, and presenting a wonderful and happy cultural feast for the vast number of readers. In 2009, "nano book festival" was rated as "excellent project of nationwide reading activities" by the publicity department of the CPC central committee and the general administration of press and publication. In 2010, the "southern book festival" was listed in the outline of Guangdong province's plan to build a culturally strong province, and became an important part of the ten projects to build a culturally strong province in Guangdong.


Elegant section with the teenagers as the main object

Elegant section with the teenagers as the main object, held in a fixed time, place, every year, with the subject of reading, reading fashion to render, builds a book sweet atmosphere as the main line, using the Internet + concept, through a series of book sales, rich and colorful cultural activities, excellent cultural display and the province, let the readers in the rich cultural atmosphere by the infection, the edification, enjoy reading. After years of exploration and practice, as the leading brand of Guangdong cultural strong province construction project, the annual austral elegant festival has already formed the party committee government advocacy, expert guidance, promote society, media support, involved in comprehensive and integrated mechanism at the grassroots level have been made by a single book trading activities, become a XieShuRen, edited, and books, the reader, ballad, collection of grand festival, become a published achievements exhibition, publications, trade, cultural activities, promotion of nationwide reading movement in the integration of cultural event, beloved by nan Yue earth the people read the carnival,It has become an important platform for the party committee and government to promote nationwide reading and improve the cultural image of Guangdong, and a cultural highland and value coordinate of south China.

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