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China Guangzhou Int‘l CNC Machine Tool Fair CGMT and China Guangzhou 3C Manufacturing Equipment Exhibition 2021

From August 04, 2021 until August 06, 2021
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China Guangzhou Int‘l CNC Machine Tool Fair  and China Guangzhou 3C Manufacturing Equipment Exhibition

As a key project supported by the Guangzhou municipal government, China (Guangzhou) international CNC machine tool Fair and China (Guangzhou) 3C manufacturing equipment exhibition has received numerous supports in the organization, promotion, and publicity. The exhibition is jointly organized by Guangzhou municipal government, China machinery industry group co., LTD., Guangzhou bureau of commerce, Guangzhou bureau of industry and information technology, and China machinery international co., LTD.
The exhibition will fully display the latest achievements of the rapid development of the equipment manufacturing industry since China's reform and opening up, become the gathering place of equipment manufacturing manufacturers and dealers, and further improve the equipment manufacturing industry chain in Guangdong.

China (Guangzhou) international CNC machine tool Fair will machine tools, molds, and 3 c application fields such as electronics industry, the combination of the exhibitor's number compared to the previous exhibition rose by more than 30%, has brought together, laser, family bond, Guangzhou CNC, ted laser, ender laser, Shanghai slightly, keyence, Zhanjiang machine tool, the xing, Shenzhen, Guangdong ChaoQun, LuHong vision technology, constant flux, constant, cobalt of the cutting tool, radium, Hangzhou is too general, endo technology, ace, and interpretation of mechanical, China machine tool corporation, Masson, European tees, climbing on the mechanical industry-leading enterprises at home and abroad to fully display the latest technologies and hi-tech products. Exhibit scope mainly includes metal cutting machine tools and processing tools, stamping, forming equipment, laser cutting equipment, CNC electrical control system, industrial measuring equipment, functional parts, 3C manufacturing automation intelligent equipment, mold equipment, and so on.

This exhibition is divided into laser manufacturing exhibition area, intelligent manufacturing exhibition area, machine tools exhibition area, intelligent solutions exhibition area. Each exhibition area has distinct characteristics and links, facilitating visitors and buyers to visit and experience. It has attracted many professional visitors from automobile, automobile parts, motorcycle, aerospace, rail transit, new energy, general parts, communication, consumer electronic products, artificial intelligence, home appliances, printing, packaging machinery, woodworking machinery, medical equipment, instruments, and other industries.

Product Categories
  • High-speed CNC cutting machine tools, drilling iron central equipment
  • Laser cutting, welding, marking equipment
  • Stamping forming, deep drawing, injection molding processing equipment
  • Mold processing and industrial measuring equipment
  • CNC system, rolling functional parts
  • Truss automatic loading and unloading integration technology
  • Industrial robots, automotive fasteners

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