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China Guangzhou International Franchise Exhibition and China Finance Expo 2021

From March 04, 2021 09:30 until March 06, 2021 18:00

China Guangzhou International Franchise Exhibition and China Finance ExpoChina Guangzhou International Franchise Exhibition and China Finance Expo

The  China(Guangzhou) International Franchise Exhibition(GFE) is scheduled  at China Import and Export Fair Complex

The  China(Guangzhou) International Franchise Exhibition(GFE) is scheduled  at China Import and Export Fair Complex. Historically,GFE is the longest running franchise Expo in China and even in the world.GFE has been held twice annually for the past 21 years and has gained the support of the government department,citizens and medias. GFE was awarded as the Excellent Exhibition in China by the Chinese Government. Over the years,GFE has become the international platform to show the development of the world's franchise industry and a platform for franchise companies to expand.Based on the past successful years,we are expecting to see repeated success . 

  • Location Advantage: China Import and Export Fair Complex (Canton Fair Complex for short), the largest modernized exhibition center in Asia, is located in Pazhou Island, Guangzhou, China. It is a perfect integratation of human and ecological concerns and high technology and intelligentization, sparkling the world like a shining star. With solid economic power, comprehensive urban functions, convenient traffic networks, large consumer market, high opening degree, fast developing exhibition service system, and socialized exhibition guarantee system, Guangzhou is no doubt the most ideal place for holding international exhibitions.
  • Market Advantage: China is the largest country in Asia. The consumer market of China, with a population of more than 1.3 billion, is considered as the driving force for future development by many international companies. The economy of China is growing rapidly and the GDP of the country increases continuously at an average rate of nearly 10% in the past  years. China is regarded as the market with most potentiality in the world. 
  • Experience Advantage:GFE had been successfully held for 37 editions. It will be the  edition in February . So the organizer has rich experience in holding exhibitions. 
  • Scale Advantage: GFE is recognized as the largest scale franchise Expo in South China.
  •  International Advantage:GFE is becoming increasingly international. 9% of visitors from 38 countries in the last Expo. 15% of exhibitors from abroad (from 16 countries) in the last Expo. 
  • Promotion Advantage: 
     Professional Media 
    More than 20 professional magazines and 30 website like 《Business》 《China Marketing》 《Resource》 《Marketing Management Review》,163.com, 1688.com, www.jmw.com.cn, etc.  
    Plane Advertisement 
    About 10 mainstream newspapers like 《Global Times》 , 《Reference News》,《Guangzhou Evening News》, 《Yangtse Evening Post》, 《Shanghai Evening News》, and more than 20 local newspapers in Guangdong, Zhejiang,Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Beijingi,Shanghai, Shandong Provinces etc.  
    TV / Broadcast
    CCTV, Dragon TV, GuangzhouTV, Guangdong TV , South ChinaTV, Shanghai TV 
    The direct marketing advertising has been used in more than 500 franchise outlets in different cities of China. We also have good cooperation with Guangzhou Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to mail the exhibition leaflets together with the bank account statements. 
    High-end Channel 
    We are also making efforts to find new high-end channels, such as golf courses, hippodrome in Guangzhou and Shenzhen to attract the attention of those investors.  
  • Qulity Advantage:Most of the exhibitors from the previous expo return to exhibit, reflecting their confidence in the quality of the show and visitors/investors.


Visitor Profile: 
  • Potential Franchisees / Master Franchisees / Licensees / Licensing Agents  
  • Entrepreneurs seeking franchising and new business opportunities  
  • Individuals pursuing strategic partnerships  
  • Manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers looking for licenses to enhance their products 
  • Investors, Venture Capitalists and Business Developers  
  • Business owners looking for franchising and licensing information  
  • Chain store operators seeking alternative distribution and reorganisation methods  
  • Anyone from the franchising & licensing industries  
  • Anyone else who wishes to find out what franchising and licensing is all about 
Exhibitor Profile: 
  • Franchise Product & Service Categories 
  • Accounting / Tax Services  
  • Adult Education  
  • Apparels / Shoes & Bags  
  • Associations  
  • Bakery / Confectioneries / Snacks / Specialty Food  
  • Beauty / Spa  
  • Beverages / Ice Cream/ Yogurt  
  • Business Coaching & Training 
  • Childcare / Child Development  
  • Computers / Electronic Products  
  • Consultancy Services  
  • Convenience Stores  
  • Entertainment & Games  
  • Fast Food / Restaurants  
  • Franchise Suppliers / Retail Equipment & Technology  
  • Gifts / Stationery  
  • Health & Fitness  
  • Home Furnishings / Furniture  
  • Homewares / Storage Products  
  • Internet / Online Services  
  • Jewellery / Fashion Accessories  
  • Laundry Services  
  • Legal Services  
  • Printing Services / Printer Consumables  
  • Land Banking / Real Estate / Shopping Malls  
  • Senior Care Services  
  • Sign Products & Services  
  • Etc  
  • License Property and Service Categories
  • Business Marketing Services  
  • Character  
  • Consultancy Services  
  • Education  
  • Fashion / Design / Retail  
  • Legal Services  
  • Printing  
  • Trademark & Brand  
  • Etc 


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