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Sino-Pack China International Exhibition on Packaging Machinery & Materials 2022

From March 04, 2022 09:30 until March 06, 2022 18:00
(COVID-19 Alert, We advise visitors to check event status with organizers before visiting.)
Categories: Packing & Packaging

Sino-Pack China International Exhibition on Packaging Machinery & MaterialsSino-Pack China International Exhibition on Packaging Machinery & MaterialsSino-Pack China International Exhibition on Packaging Machinery & Materials

Sino-Pack Highlights
  • Highlight I: Scale was expected over 52,350 sqm in 2019—over 700 exhibitors from 22 countries and regions.
  • Highlight II: 5 interconnected halls on the same floor for the first time, Include "Smart Packaging," “eDelivery&Smart Logistics, "General Packaging," "Food Packaging," and "Packaging Products and Materials."
  • Highlight III: Display of world-class robots in the prevalent smart packaging trend.
  • Highlight IV: Promote smart logistics with a designated zone on E-commerce, express, and logistics equipment.
  • Highlight V: An independent exhibition “PACKINNO” with innovative packaging materials supporting green development.


Product Category:

1. Automated Smart Packaging Machines

Automated Packaging Production Line | Integrated Packaging Production Line | Packaging Industrial Robots (Palletizers、Transporter、Sorting Machines、Containing Machines、Bulk Handling Equipment 、Stacking Machines、Demolition Machines) | Other

2. Smart Logistics Equipment and Systems

Logistics Solutions (Logistics Integrator、Supply Chain Service Provider) | Intelligent Logistics Equipment & System (Warehouse、AGV、Forklift Truck、Transportation Equipment、Automatic Sorter、Stacker) | Logistics Equipment & Accessories (Cushion Damping Machine、Shockproof Machine、Transducer、Reduction Drive,etc.) | Logistics Items and Materials (Pallet、Container、Cushion Inflatable Bag, etc) | Logistics Packaging Inspection、Label、RFID|E-commerce & Courier Industry

3. Outer Packaging Machines 

Palletizers | Strapping Machines | Boxing Machines | Ink-jet Printing Machines | Shrink Wrapping Machines | Automatic Box Filling Machines | Cartoning Sealing Machines | Labeling Machines | Container Machinery | Skin Packaging Machines | Spiral Wrapping Machines | Counting Machines | Other

4. First Packaging Machines

Sealing Machines | Wrapping Machines | Vacuum Packaging Machines | Aseptic Packaging Machines | Forming, Filling & Sealing Machines | Filling Machines | Metering Filling Machines | Direct Packaging Machines| Homogenizer | Other

5. Plastics Packaging Machines

Blow Molding Machines | Blowing Machines | IML | Injection Molding Machines | Other 

6. Production Machine of Containers

Cover Machines | Bottle Making Machines | Box & Broom Machines | Cup Machines | Blowing Machines | Bowl Machines | Bag & Sack Making Machines | Canning Machines | Pulp Molding Machines

7. Inkjet/Laser Printers / Bar Coding Equipment and Materials

8. Measurement and Testing Machines

9. Auxiliary Equipment of Packaging


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Packaging machinery and materials
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