Canton Fair 2019


China(Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair

From July 08, 2020 10:00 until July 11, 2020 17:00
Guangzhou - China Import and Export Complex Address: No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China
+86-20-89128260, 89128191
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China(Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair

China(Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair, also known as the, features a unique style of cross-discipline bespoke home furnishings and provides integrated solutions for building decoration industry. Numerous famous brands launch their new products and strategies here by showcasing their cutting-edge design and technologies. The CBD Fair has become a "Debut Platform for Champion Enterprises".

Data of the Fair
  • Exhibition Area: More than 416,000 SQM
  • Exhibitors: Over 2000 top brands in the industry
  • Visitors: More than 180,000 professionals are expected
  • Supporting Program: About 50 forums
China(Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair
  • Exhibition Positioning - Top brands in building decoration industry launch new products, design, technology, material, and strategic planning.
  • Exhibition Scale - Over 416,000 square meters. It is the biggest fair in the worldwide building decoration industry.
  • Exhibitors - Top brands of customized housing decoration, smart home, wooden doors & integrated wooden decoration, doors & windows system, decorative hardware and kitchen & bath.
  • Exhibition Sectors - The complete range of the whole building decoration industry chain.
  • Status of the Exhibition - The opening day of CBD Fair(Guangzhou) is regarded as the Lunar New Year's day in the industry.
Product Categories
  • Smart Home
  • intelligent Clothes Hanger
  • Intelligent Lock
  • Hardware
  • Kitchen
  • Ceiling
  • Customized Housing Decoration
  • Bath & Sanitary Accessories
  • Wall Decoration
  • Machinery
  • Doors & Windows
  • Doors & Windows system
  • Wooden Doors
  • Villa High-end Decoration


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Building and congratulations
Would like to join
We found what we were looking for in these exhibitions.Rating. but need service of the interpreter and good organizing as product wise show. Find a good supplier
Al Karim Hudda
we are lookibng forward to attending this Exhibition
Al Karim Hudda
We are going to attend!
We are looking forward to the exhibition.
Nishant Malhotra
need invitation for CBD 2019
Wanted to visit CBD 2019 and explore the decoration sector & looking forward to trade with the decoration sector in India (Ludhiana Particularly). Invitation is what we are looking for at present at the earliest.
aluminum shutter
Aluminum shutter slats with foam
Shutter windows motor
need exhibitor list

Muhammad Iqbal
Want to visit CBD exhibition
Capital builders;
We are a construction company from Pakistan, and we want to visit the CBD fair to see buildin materials, designs and machinery.
Thank you

Andy Hu
So Big For Building Decoration Fair
The Exhibits are complete and the Exhibition is so large . very good!

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