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Asia Heat Pumps, Water Heating & Solar Equipment Expo 2021

From August 16, 2021 until August 18, 2021

1. Heat pump host system: air source heat pump, water source heat pump, ground source heat pump, heat pump drying equipment, sludge dryer, heat pump hot water unit, heat pump chiller, heat pump heating unit, heat pump module unit, heat pump water heater, etc.; Air source triple supply unit, ultra-low temperature heat pump unit, swimming pool heat pump unit, SPA unit, high-temperature heat pump unit, etc.

2. Heat pump accessories system: compressor and its accessories, fan, host controller, sheet metal, evaporator, condenser, expansion valve, refrigerant distributor, liquid distributor, pressure switch, thermostat, solenoid valve, stop valve, Pressure divider valve, electric valve, refrigerant dryer filter, oil separator, defrosting device, motor, pump, and accessories, timer, timing relay, raw material, refrigerant, refrigeration equipment lubricant, refrigerant cylinder, cooling tower And accessories, other system accessories, etc.

3. Special application system and accessories: special heat pump unit, drying auxiliary machine, fan, circulating water supply system, aluminum alloy (brick-concrete structure) kiln body, kiln door (lifting device), heating system, humidity control system, air circulation system, intake, and exhaust system, electric auxiliary system, detection system and control system, etc.

4. Host equipment accessories: plate heat exchanger, radiator and supporting, fin heat exchanger, evaporator, condenser, compressor, expansion valve, throttling device, fan, sheet metal, link copper pipe, etc.
5. Intelligent control: sensors, thermostats, controllers, actuators and control systems, etc.

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