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China (Shenzhen) International Cross-border eCommerce Supply Chain Fair 2021

From September 23, 2021 09:30 until September 25, 2021 18:00
(COVID-19 Alert, We advise visitors to check event status with organizers before visiting.)

In the first three quarters of 2019, Guangdong's foreign trade reached 5.14 trillion yuan, the total value of Cross-border e-commerce reached 7.104 billion yuan, which was positive growth for the third consecutive quarter. The rapid expansion of cross-border e-commerce has become a major highlight of foreign trade growth. Shenzhen was the largest traditional foreign trade B2B export city in China, the transformation and upgrading of Cross-border e-commerce has brought together cross-border e-commerce resources all over the country, including various subdivision services such as products, logistics, and supply chain, and technological innovations to create the prosperity of cross-border e-commerce in Shenzhen. A large number of supper sellers with annual sales of hundreds of millions to billions have been born. Shenzhen is far ahead of other domestic cities and regions in terms of the volume of cross-border e-commerce exports, the number of employees, the number of companies, and the innovation of sales models.

​The exhibition brings together small and medium-sized foreign trade factories in urgent need of transformation and upgrading, import and export cross-border e-commerce platforms, import & export foreign trading companies, service providers for cross-border e-commerce , cross-border e-commerce B2B Sellers, overseas cross-border e-commerce buyers etc., to explore new formats of foreign trade, explore new models of cross-border e-commerce, show the latest services, products and business models of the cross-border e-commerce industry, exchange ideas, share experiences, build consensus, and follow industry trends.


Exhibit Profile

1. Export Cross-border eCommerce Factories: 3C / Consumer Electronics / Electronic Appliances / Outdoor Products / Toys and Gifts / Household Daily Necessities / Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Bags / Hardware & Tools / Beauty Cosmetics / Pet products, Baby products, etc.

2. Import Cross-border eCommerce Products: FMCG / Prepackaged Food / Health products / Daily necessities / Beauty Care / Wine / Fashion Products / Electronic Appliances / Maternal and child products / New Materials / Medical and Biological Products, etc.

3. Cross-border eCommerce Service Provider and Foreign Trade Comprehensive Service Provider: Cross-border eCommerce Platform, Cross-border eCommerce Sellers, Cross-border eCommerce Demonstration Base and Park, Cross-border eCommerce Service Provider ( Logistics, Overseas Warehouse, Supply Chain Service, Payment, Training, Consultation, Finance and Taxation, Marketing, Packaging, Software, Trademark Registration, etc.), Foreign Trade Comprehensive Service Provider ( Customs Declaration and Inspection, Financing, Tax Refund, Credit Insurance, Warehousing and Distribution, etc.)


Visitor from

1. (Import/Export) Cross-border eCommerce Platform

2.Export Cross-border eCommerce Small-Scale B2B Sellers, Supper Sellers

3. Import & Export Trading Companies

4. Cross border eCommerce Service Providers and Foreign Trade Comprehensive Service Enterprise

5. International Buyers / Foreign Amazon Seller

6. Import Cross-border eCommerce Product Agents / Distributors / Stores / Supper Market


Advantages of CESCF

1. Focus on the latest developments in the industry, deduce the style of the Internet industry: display global technological achievements, help Chinese traditional enterprises to open the era of industrial Internet, to make Chinese brands stand out globally.

2. Magnificent scale, Global radiation: Held concurrently with the 15th China (Shenzhen) International Logistics and Supply Chain Fair, the 6th China (Shenzhen) International Internet and E-commerce Expo, massive resources throughout the industry upstream and downstream industrial chain, more than 140000 professional visits.

3. Build a professional face-to-face and efficient docking platform for suppliers and demanders: to solve the difficulties for the operators and managers of enterprises, select high-quality and all-round solution providers; To integrate resources, strengthen contacts with target buyers, and promote mutually beneficial cooperation between enterprises.

4. High-level Business Matching for leading enterprises, elite talents, business executives, industry leaders, etc.

5. Competing for Industry Awards, tapping the innovation power of the industry, commending the industry leaders, highlighting the strength and style of the company:

Top 10 of   Excellent Overseas Warehouse Enterprises

Top 10 Brands of Cross-border E-commerce Products

Annual Star Enterprise of Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Services

Annual Star Enterprise of Cross-border E-commerce Logistics Service

Top 10 of Cross-border E-commerce Outstanding Leaders

6.  The 5th Shenzhen International Cross-Border E-Commerce Exhibition and Cross-Border E-Commerce Selections Conference - from the initial cross-border e-commerce exclusive supplies factory product display to the active participation of cross-border e-commerce platforms and sellers, let cross-border e-commerce sellers connect with the suppliers manufacturers at zero distance, find the specific and most cost-effective best sellers, learn the latest industry information, find the most suitable business partners, and the large-scale quality cross-border e-commerce service providers on site can provide one-stop all-round services to serve for cross-border e-commerce.

7. Forums & Summits, famous people gathered: Focus on the hot issues and topics of Cross-border E-commerce, Practical experience sharing, high-end business matching, leading representatives of corporate executives together, it's a global industry event that cannot be missed.


8.  Multiple product application experiences, product conferences, etc. make the audience and purchasers more directly understand the latest products and technologies of the enterprise, and enhance the sense of on-site interaction.


9.  igital & Strong Promotion for exhibitors: you will have the opportunity to obtain various advertising resources for free (Live broadcasting for interview, Logo on signs, Logo displayed on the Forums, Video carousels, Flyers in the forum data bag ) , offline / online advertising ( Exhibition Catalogue, invitations and other printed materials, EDM E-mail to visitors, official website / WeChat Subscription / Sina micro-blog / Self-media channels, etc. all-year corporate news free promotion), 10-15 minutes of speech time , new product release and many other value-added services.




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