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3D Printing Asia 2022

From March 03, 2022 until March 05, 2022
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Print your infinity.

In light of the increasing demand and higher requirements for precise technologies and products in China, the manufacturing industry now gradually aims to minimize the development time and cost. 3D printing technologies, therefore, have become more popular within the enterprise, and are widely applied on complex prototyping with high precision.

The 3D Printing Asia Zone is once again one of the critical components of the 2019 show’s success. Featuring several renowned 3D manufacturing companies in the industry, the zone offers a chance to help leading manufacturing professionals with their sourcing needs, and to showcase the latest innovations and solutions for various 3D printing technologies. Some of the best-known brands include HP, Raise 3D, SuNPe, BMF Precision Technology, A&P Instruments, Kings 3D and SCANTECH. In the coming year, the 3D Printing Asia Zone will remain a key highlight of Asiamold and will continue to lead the manufacturing industry by partnering with international 3D printing companies, and demonstrating the technological breakthroughs and future trends in 3D printing, rapid prototyping, CAD/CAM software development, reverse engineering and more.

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