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Fruit Expo

From September 24, 2020 until September 26, 2020

Exhibition Introduction

Green and healthy food has been the most-grabbing topic in recent years. As the living standard of people is being increasingly improved, the consumption market of fruits has also been enlarged.
In China, fruit industry plays an essential role in national economy. Since 1993, its fruit output has been ranking the top across the globe. In view of the plant area and export volume drastically enhanced, creating an international comprehensive trade platform is high on the agenda.Guangzhou International Fruit Expo stands out as a fruit trade platform to provide green and healthy fruit. It strives to boost and explore the tremendous fruit market by gathering brand enterprises at home and abroad. Nowadays, Chinese think highly of balanced diet whilst fruit always comes first. Fruit market in China gains overwhelming momentum to develop.

Exhibition Highlights

enlightenedOne and Only trade show held specifically for the fruit industry in South China

Fruit Expo is held in Guangzhou where is hailed as the best commercial city on the Chinese mainland. The fruit output or consumption capacity in Guangzhou goes beyond imagination. For instance, Guangzhou Jiangnan Fresh Produce Wholesale Market occupies about 180 thousand square meters, has ranked the top considering fruit transaction across China since 2005. Meanwhile its imported fruit transaction volume accounts for 70% of the total, making it a crucial import and export market for China. 

enlightenedSeeking Cooperation With Guangzhou-based Consulates & Trade Associations Worldwide!

Fruit Expo gains the staunch supports from Guangzhou-based Consulates & Trade Associations who highly recommend their Fruit Insiders to get to know the grand event.

▪ Consulate General of Spain in Guangzhou

▪ Australian Consulate-General in Guangzhou
▪ Consulate General of the Argentine Republic in Guangzhou
▪ Consulate General of Consulates of Uruguay in Guangzhou
▪ Consulate General of India in Guangzhou
▪ The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), India
▪ (MBFEA) Mindanao Banana Farmers & Exporters Association, Inc., Philippines
▪ (The PhilExport) The Philippine Exporters Confederation ( Region XI Chapter ), Inc
▪ Institute of Fruit Tree Research, Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences
▪ Shandong Institute of Pomology
▪ Beijing Academy of Forestry and Fruit Tree Sciences
▪ Institute of Pomology, Jinhua City Academy of Agricultural Sciences
▪ Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences Pomology Institute
▪ Qingdao Academy of Agricultural Sciences
▪ Science Institute of Agricultural Planning, China Agricultural University
... ...

enlightened314 Media Partners to Publicize and Report *update till April 28th ,2020

Fruit Expo establishes strategic collaborations with world professional media to have omnipresent and vertical reports. A great number of highlights will be presented while exhibitors have access to much more business promotions.

enlightenedWonderful Live events 

Live events will also be staged such as World Fruit Expo Forum 2020 to exchange idea with fruit insider worldwide and World Fruit Matchmaking Meeting 2020 to connect with right suppliers/purchasers

Exhibition Scope
Fresh fruit: fresh fruit, fresh cut and convenient products, organic products, e-commerce, chain brands.

◆Fruit process finished products: frozen fruit, dehydrated fruit, canned fruit, juice, jam, dried fruit, preserved fruit, nuts, urban farms, etc.

◆Fruit deep processing technology & equipment: grading sorting, intelligent detection, conveying, cleaning, juicing, peeling and nucleating, crushing, cooking, filtration separation, CIP cleaning, sterilization, concentrated evaporation, drying and cooling, automatic control system; cleaning processing line, fruit processing equipment, fruit cleaning equipment; juice production line, fruit detection and analysis equipment; anti-counterfeiting packaging technology & equipment, etc.
◆Fresh distribution operations and technology: cold chain and distribution services, fresh e-commerce, food preservation equipment, refrigeration equipment, cold chain storage and handling equipment, refrigeration materials and accessories, etc.
◆Fruit planting and post-harvest technology: fruit seeds, seedlings, cultivation techniques, fertilizers, soil amendments, greenhouse equipment, automated control systems, irrigation, pest control equipment, preservation technology, packaging materials, packaging boxes , packaging equipment, storage equipment, inspection and quarantine equipment and institutions, moisture analyzer, soil testing, sugar testing.
◆Fresh retail and technical equipment: commercial information management system, fresh e-commerce system, commercial warehousing and logistics system, store management information, label printing equipment.

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