Silk Road Architectural Decoration Expo 2023

Silk Road Architectural Decoration Expo
From May 26, 2023 until May 28, 2023
Xi'an - Xi'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, China
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)

Silk Road Architectural Decoration (Xi'an) Development Conference

General Situation. General Situation. [(Attention]] Why does your door and window \"sweat?\" What can you do to fix it? [(Attention]] Building doors and windows can be energy-efficient. Bidding Information | Fengke Garden Yueting Project Entrance Door, Unit Door Procurement Pre-qualification Announcement. Announcement of competitive consultation on the purchase of Building 4# in Xinye Jiayuan Community. Signing Ceremony of The Declaration on the Development of Architectural Decorations on the Silk Road (Xi'an). Service Hotline029-8781800287818005.

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Silk Road Architectural Decoration Expo Looking forward to your arrival!

In order to actively implement the national “Belt and Road” initiative, promote cooperation with the construction and decoration industry of countries along the Silk Road, and promote the development of the decoration industry, introduce green intelligence, technology, and new domestic and foreign architectural decoration product technology and equipment. ) Development Conference ”and related conferences and exhibitions are scheduled to be held in Xi'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of the conference is“ Silk Road Opportunities, Smart Technology, Empowering New Life ”

The conference is divided into an exhibition cooperation area and conference negotiation area. Exhibition cooperation area settings: smart home, whole-house customization, and decoration of new materials, high-tech three sections, the exhibition area is 50,000 square meters, and more than 1,000 companies are expected to participate. The conference negotiation area includes the forum "Star Enterprise Product Promotion", "Silk Road Building Decoration Development (Xi'an) Declaration" and other content. The technical exchange section of the conference forum will invite leaders and associations of the residential construction departments of the Xinjiang Construction Corps at home and abroad and the five northwestern provinces (regions) to discuss and deliver keynote speeches. In the same period, representatives of five northwestern provinces (districts) Decoration Associations, experts and scholars, industry authorities, and domestic star enterprises will jointly sign the "Silk Road Decoration Development (Xi'an) Declaration".

We sincerely invite relevant units, enterprises, and audiences of the industry to gather together for this conference, to join in the grand event and to accompany development! 

"Silk Road Architectural Decoration Expo" Looking forward to your arrival!


Product  Categories:
  • Smart home appliances exhibition area: smart door lock, smart clothes dryer, smart home ecosystem, smart bathroom, smart control, automatic control equipment, electrician, electrical, lighting, lighting;
  • The exhibition area of doors, windows, and curtain walls and equipment: aluminum doors and windows, plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum-wood doors and windows, solid wood doors and windows, external shading, shutters, smart doors and windows, screens, automatic doors, revolving doors, etc., glass curtain walls, metal curtain wall materials, building facades, and curtain walls System, door and window glass, energy-saving glass, various glass technologies, and products, door and window curtain wall hardware, door and window curtain wall processing machinery and equipment, door and window production line, glass equipment, plastic steel guardrail, iron guardrail, stainless steel guardrail, stairs, pillars. Stainless steel plate copper plated vacuum plated color plate, etc .;
  •  Decorative materials exhibition area: wall decorative plates, gypsum ceramics, ceilings, soft decoration and decorative materials, various types of floors, carpets, floor tiles, ceramic tiles and other floor decoration materials and equipment, various types of stone, stone tools, Tooling stone, artificial stone, imitation stone, etc. Soft porcelain, wallpaper, diatom mud, wallpaper accessories, various decorative line accessories, etc .;
  •  Whole house customization and kitchen and bathroom exhibition area: overall cabinet, integrated kitchen, custom furniture, overall cabinet, bedroom system, living room system, dining room system and kitchen appliances, etc. Customized home and production lines, wood processing machinery, hardware accessories, sanitary ware, integrated ceilings, integral bathrooms, sauna swimming equipment. The closet door, bathroom toilet combination toilet partition, system partition wall, movable screen, mobile compartment, sliding door, the folding door sliding door, movable track, sliding door handle lock, in-line electric control lock, combined hanging room, Rotating hangers, indoor and outdoor anti-corrosion wood, decorative wood industry, etc .; various decorative line accessories and auxiliary materials;
  • Sealing and Adhesives Exhibition Area: Beautiful seams, silicone structural adhesives, silicone structural sealants, architectural structural adhesives, weather-resistant adhesives, silicone glass adhesives, aluminum sheet adhesives, butyl adhesives, external wall caulking adhesives, flame retardant adhesives, Silicone sealant, corner glue, polyurethane adhesive, foaming agent, foam sealant, sealant strip, waterproof adhesive, hot melt adhesive, etc .;
  •  Building shading exhibition area: outside shading folding arm awning, window awning, French awning, movable awning, outdoor blinds, retractable awning, butterfly awning, zenith awning, membrane structure, roller shutter Coated and filmed building interior soft Venetian blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds, exterior blinds, bamboo blinds, honeycomb blind bamboo blinds, straw woven blinds, veil blinds, Shangri-La blinds, home textile curtains, full shading Curtains, canopy curtains, outdoor leisure umbrellas, leisure homes, shade pavilions, rooms, textiles and shade fabrics;
  • Software exhibition area: lighting, home textiles, leather upholstery, curtains and window decorations, wallpaper wall coverings, picture frames, etc .;
  •  Architectural decoration hardware exhibition area: architectural hardware, decorative hardware, various types of automatic doors, gated hardware systems and accessories, access control electronic systems, hardware accessories, hardware tools, metal molds, metal casting, etc., various decorative lines, decorative materials, auxiliary materials, etc.
  • Full decoration exhibition area: overall cabinet, overall kitchen, overall bedroom, overall study room, overall wardrobe, etc .;
  • Kitchen appliances exhibition area: small kitchen appliances and other ancillary products, kitchen utensils, stainless steel sink products, kitchen accessories, etc .;
  •  Bathroom products exhibition area: integrated bathroom, whole bathroom, bathtub, shower, toilet, basin, bathroom hardware/accessories, bathroom mirror, swimming pool facilities, water heater, heater, intelligent electric towel rack, various new types of bathroom Decorative accessories, bathroom cabinets, etc .; various decorative lines, decorative materials, and auxiliary materials.
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Xi'an - Xi'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, China Xi'an - Xi'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, China


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