From March 08, 2023 until August 11, 2023
Bakırköy/Istanbul - CNR Expo, İstanbul, Turkey
+90 212 465 74 74 ; 0212 4637847
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CNR Fashion Show Antalya | Hazır Giyim, Ayakkabı ve Deri Fuarı

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Global footwear trends will be set at exceptional events and seminars at AYMOD, expecting over 25.000 professional buyers from all over the world, including countries such as Germany, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Lebanon, France, Croatia, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, China, Romania, Russia and Ukraine, the exhibition will enable billions of dollars of business connections via B2B meetings.


Product Categories:

1. Footwear Manufacturers

? Men's Shoes

? Women's Shoes

? Children Footwear

? Boots

? Sports Shoes and Sneakers

? Slippers

? Safety Footwear

? Military Footwear

2. Leather Accessory Manufacturers

? Purses & Bags

? Wallets

? Belts

? Briefcases

? Travel Bags

3. Designers

4. Wholesalers

5. Agencies (Representing foreign shoe and leather manufacturers in Turkey)

6. Industrial Institutions

7. Associations, Foundations, Federations


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Bakırköy/Istanbul - CNR Expo, İstanbul, Turkey Bakırköy/Istanbul - CNR Expo, İstanbul, Turkey


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