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Shanghai International Outdoor Sports and Leisure Exhibition

From March 31, 2020 until April 02, 2020
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 Exhibition summary

 Shanghai International Outdoor Goods and Fashion Sports Exhibition "and"  Lifestyle Shanghai Show (TheLifestyleShow) "was held in Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center. Our exhibition reforms the traditional exhibition concept, multi-dimensional space + cross-border exhibit combination + more than 80 interactive activities, will Bring a lively new lifestyle experience to the public. Shanghai International Outdoor Sports and Leisure Exhibition "through exhibitions, forum exchange activities, case recommendations, shopping mall docking and other forms to build a business platform for mutual exchange and consultation between the industry supply and demand sides. We sincerely welcome the industry from all over the world People exhibiting and visiting!


  • Sports and leisure fashion: outdoor sportswear, sports socks, assault suits, surfing suits, fleece pants, quick-drying pants, camouflage pants, ski pants, casual pants, cycling clothes, swimwear, swimming goggles, diving Clothing, surfing clothing, hat clothing fabrics, etc .;
  • Outdoor equipment and equipment: outdoor tents, sleeping bags, outdoor glasses, fishing gear, outdoor gloves, leisure tables, and chairs; camping, tourism, climbing sports equipment and equipment, lighting tools, outdoor binoculars, outdoor sports (bicycles, mountain bikes, RVs, Off-road vehicle); skates, refrigerator outside the car, BMX, climbing equipment, ropes, etc .;
  • Outdoor footwear: hiking shoes, hiking shoes, alpine boots, climbing shoes, beach shoes/sandals, outdoor leisure shoes, etc .;
  • Camping supplies and backpacks: solar backpacks, mountaineering bags, first aid kits, travel bags, wash bags, survival bags, camping gear, fishing supplies, hiking boots, all kinds of pads/mattresses, travel bags, booster poles, etc .;
  • Outdoor camping accessories: outdoor flashlights, protective gear, outdoor kettles, helmets, moisture-proof mats, floor kettles, water stoves, barbecue stoves, communication/navigation, outdoor tables, binoculars, trekking poles, walking stick towels, outdoor power banks ;
  • Ski sports equipment and equipment: alpine skiing, tourist skiing, cross-country skiing equipment (snowboards, sleighs, detachers, ski boots, snowboard holders, ski shoes and accessories, ski glasses, etc.);
  • Water entertainment equipment: surf boats, kayaks, luxury yachts, fishing boats, sailing boats, surfboards, inflatable beds, windsurfing boats, jet skis, swimming pool facilities, all kinds of water sports supplies and clothing;
  • Accessories: Compass / Positioning System, Cooker / Fuel, First Aid Supplies, Emergency Light, Food / Beverage, Hand Warming Appliances, Insect Repellent, Sports Luggage Rack, Sun Protection Products, Watches, Water Treatment System, Related Application Software, etc .;


Exhibition advantages

1. Only open to traders, professionals, and buyers. High-quality and stable trade visitors achieve the value of the exhibition.
2. In-depth cooperation with foreign outdoor exhibitions, magazines, and website organizations to introduce foreign high-quality suppliers and buyers.
3, bringing together many well-known companies at home and abroad, the quality and influence of the exhibition have been rapidly improved.
4. A number of media participated in the whole report, and exhibits and technology can get a high appearance rate.
5. In-depth cooperation with cutting-edge media and outdoor associations to keep track of the development of the pulse industry and keep an eye on market demand.
6. During the exhibition, there will be a variety of supporting activities to meet the needs of different exhibitors.
7, bringing together all kinds of outdoor industry products and technologies, presenting industry trends and trends.
8, exhibition channels: subway, bus, elevator, attention number, outdoor anti-aircraft artillery, television stations, radio stations, peer exhibitions, direct mail EDM, major search engines, industry magazines, is bound to detonate the audience.


Note: This exhibition provides a variety of sponsorship programs, providing operators and suppliers with more opportunities for promotion, which can be effectively promoted to a large extent; if you are interested in enterprises, please ask the organizing committee for participation rules.


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