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China Wuhan International Game and Amusement Fair

From July 10, 2020 09:00 until July 12, 2020 18:00
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China Wuhan International Game and Amusement Fair

The  Wuhan International Game and Amusement Fair (GAF ) and the  China International Culture and Entertainment Industry Expo (CCEE ) will be held in Wuhan International Expo Center, China. GAF has been successfully held for 6 years, making new breakthroughs and innovations one after another. With the growing transformation and upgrade, GAF has opened up the whole industrial chain of culture, entertainment and amusement, including video games, VR&AR, the equipment of children's paradise, animation, etc. GAF is making its effort to promote the development of the culture and entertainment industry.

GAF  is an important exhibition of game and amusement in China. As the first exhibition of this industry, GAF  has upgraded its scale and quality. Meanwhile, the organizer will not only offer 5,000 free rooms for professional buyers at home and abroad but also provide more professional service for buyers and visitors.


Product Categories:

All kinds of indoor electronic games and amusement machines: VR amusement equipment; self-service vending machines; video game products and accessories, mobile games and related technology equipment, online games, various entertainment machines, puzzles, and entertainment facilities equipment, PC games, video games, etc. Online games, e-sports, mobile games, animation, and entertainment, etc.


The amusement facilities in parks or playground: Large outdoor amusement equipment; inflatable amusement equipment; water park amusement equipment; theme park equipment products; indoor and outdoor large-scale amusement equipment, dynamic film and television equipment, landscape construction units, children's parks, sound, and light technology amusement attractions facilities, music fountains, sound system, vending machines, etc.


Children's play equipment: Amusement park, naughty castle; children's educational toys;


Amusement park investment, consulting, operation management institutions: Smart travel services, tourism performing arts, property service agencies; park operators, brand promotion projects, investment, and cooperation display, planning and design and brand promotion; games and tourism-related media, publications, games & playground software development, game talent training institutions, etc.

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