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Shanghai International Private Health Management and Medical Customized Service Exhibition

From April 23, 2021 09:30 until April 25, 2021 18:00

About PHM


The annual "PHMEXPO Shanghai international private health management exhibition" since its inception in 2013, after many years of development, PHMEXPO has become a well-known professional brand exhibition in the industry. Is China's most influential, business attention to the annual health management industry event."Private health management" exhibition since attracted a total China, Switzerland, Ukraine, Austria, France, Germany, Britain, the United States, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, India, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions hundreds of companies attending the, 100000 the total number of viewers!

The exhibition covers health management, cross-border medical treatment, future medical technology, precision medicine, cell therapy and storage, rehabilitation medicine, medical tourism, and other related medical services and technologies, and provides you and your family with professional and one-stop private health management services from a global perspective.

In order to set up a professional health management platform and establish a green channel for medical treatment at home and abroad, the  Shanghai International Private Health Management Exhibition 2019 was held in Shanghai Exhibition Center.



Product Categories:
  • Health management

health management institutions 2, hospitals, clinics, physical examination centers, and rehabilitation and wellness centers 3, medical beauty, plastic stem cell storage and treatment, anti-aging 4, Chinese medicine treatment / health care, and Chinese medicine hospital 5, medical insurance, health education, health supervision and guidance, medicare guiding and accompanying medical consultations, etc.

  • Precision medicine

Accurate treatment 2, Gene testing 3, Cancer Screening 4, Cell therapy 5, In Vitro Diagnosis 6, Targeted drug 7, Biomedicine 8, Overseas precision medicine tourism service 9, Related services supported with precision medicine

  • Medical tourism

medical tourism companies, foreign medical institutions and comprehensive hospitals, foreign specialized hospitals, clinics 2, overseas plastic surgery hospital, maternity and service, confinement club, anti-aging, Chinese medicine health care 3, rehabilitation and wellness centers, travel agencies, airlines, hotels and high-end resorts, health clubs, etc.

  • Rehabilitation medicine

Rehabilitation Healthcare 2, Technical Equipment for Rehabilitation 3, Auxiliary Devices 4, Special Areas

  • Equipment and instruments

all kinds of health examination equipment 2, health risk assessment system 3, integrated intelligent medical equipment 4, body composition analyzer 5, bone mineral density detector 6, portable medical instruments and other related equipment

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