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Shanghai International Automotive Chassis System & Manufacturing Engineering Technology Exhibition 2021

From November 02, 2021 09:30 until November 04, 2021 18:00
Categories: Automotive Vehicle

Shanghai International Automotive Chassis System & Manufacturing Engineering Technology Exhibition



The automotive chassis consists of four major systems, i.e., power transmission system, driving system, steering system, and braking system. The main components include: transmission system (including engine, clutch, transmission, transmission shaft, drive axle, main reducing gear, differential mechanism, semi-axle, etc.), driving system (including frame, axle, suspension,tires and wheels), steering system (including steering gear, transmission system, control mechanism, etc.), as well as braking system (including wheel brakes,brake calipers, brake pads, parking brakes, etc.). The four systems of automotive chassis affect the dynamic performance, safety performance, driving performance and comfort performance of the vehicle. With the improvement and transformation fo the automotive consumer market and concept, vehicle manufacturers have put forward higher requirements for the design and development of chassis systems, application of new materials, manufacturing process, and quality requirements, which will bring higher requirements to the materials, process and equipment manufacturers of the chassis system industry chain. The improvement of the overall performance of the chassis is the improvement of the overall competitiveness of main engine plants. Therefore, the development and improvement of automotive chassis technology is the future development trend.


AMEE will be held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

AMEE will be held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, This is the first professional technology exhibition held in the automotive industry for the chassis system industry chain. AMEE will build cutting-edge technology and solution display platform for intelligence, electrification, Electronization and lightweight of new-energy automobile chassis system, chassis design & development engineering, advanced manufacturing engineering, chassis trend engineering and lean product engineering of passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and special vehicles, as well as other relevant industrial chains.


AMEE exhibition scope will cover chassis design

AMEE exhibition scope will cover chassis design, development & trial-manufacture engineering, chassis new material application engineering, chassis system lightweight engineering, chassis parts manufacturing process and equipment, assembly and final assembly technology of chassis parts, chassis parts measurement and testing technology,robot integrated technology chassis application, chassis intelligence, Electronization and electrification technology, chassis system parts, chassis system integration and other products,equipment and technical solutions.

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