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Discover Advanced Trends in E-commerce

From June 03, 2020 09:00 until June 05, 2020 18:00

Discover Advanced Trends in E-commerce

Discover Advanced Trends in E-commerce

Taipei opens vast prospects since it's at the heart of the vibrant Asia-Pacific growth area where newly emerging consumer economies from South Asia, Indochina and the Far East are waking to the wonders of E-commerce.

The Discover Advanced Trends in E-commerce brings together attendees and provides them with the opportunity to gain illustrations relating to smart retail, cross-border & e-tailing, social media, and digital marketing, mobile commerce, logistics, fin-tech, big data, startups, and much more.

Discover Advanced Trends in E-commerce the exhibition showcases digital services and products including Amazon Global Selling, Cheng-Che Technology's social order integration system, Full2House's Facebook chatbot messenger, the online streaming platform E-Mygo, the internet celebrity e-commerce platform M1 Marketing, and the online foreign language tutor. During the exhibition, eCommerce salons and seminars will be held to provide an interactive platform for local and international e-commerce businesses to help them with online and offline business opportunities.

Product Categories:
  • Smart Retail
  • Cross Border & E-tailing
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Logistics
  • FinTech
  • Big Data
  • Startups

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