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China International Exposition On TCM Health & Summit Forum(TCMIEC)

From October 31, 2019 until November 02, 2019
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China International Exposition On TCM Health & Summit Forum

China International Exposition On TCM Health & Summit Forum (hereinafter referred to as "TCMIEC") is subject to approval by the ministry of commerce, the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine instruction, sponsored by the world federation of Chinese medicine societies scale, wide, high professional degrees in the field of health industry expo event, is currently influential Chinese medicine of Chinese and global machine industry event, since 2014 has been successfully held five sessions.

China International Exposition On TCM Health & Summit Forum will be adhering to the "inheritance", promotion, innovation, and helpful to the objective, comprehensive promote Chinese medicine and the folk medicine and the benign development of big health services, is committed to building of traditional Chinese medicine, health services in the domestic and global communication platform, the whole industry chain is the world's traditional medical and health services research production and docking, cooperation and win-win industry event.


TCMIEC Compro since held

TCMIEC Compro since held, a total of attracted more than 50 countries and regions, more than 2000 big small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, regional groups and government agencies at home and abroad, folk scientific research and academic organizations, such as exhibition, professional audience 120000 person-time, contribute to turnover of about 10 billion yuan, also obtained the CCTV, Phoenix TV, the central people's government of the People's Republic of China net, attention and other authoritative media reported. In 2017, the conference was funded by the first angel investor in China. In 2018, the conference was jointly held by China machinery international, a state-owned enterprise.

With the help of two world top 500 companies and the cooperation of two professional brands, powerful buyers from home and abroad gathered in Guangzhou poly world expo to create a new splendor in the grand event of the health industry! 


Product Category:

1. Famous Chinese medicine exhibition area: famous medical resources and industries, medical institutions and key specialties, academic schools and contemporary famous doctors, ethnic Chinese medicine and folk Chinese medicine

2. Chinese medicines exhibition area:And resources of Chinese medicine industry, Chinese drugs, traditional Chinese medicine factory and proprietary Chinese medicine, and industry research institutions of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine extraction equipment, nine Chinese medicine resources area, the traditional Chinese medicine resource center, native medicinal materials, such as national medicine, natural medicine, herbs, medicinal herbs cultivation base and so on, traditional Chinese medicine factory, and the wall slices with fine proprietary Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine Yinpian and traditional Chinese medicine, the common Chinese medicine Yinpian, avoid Fried slices of TCM, the granular Yinpian, by the party concerned, New Zealand, animal and plant extract, Chinese medicine Yinpian processing technology, such as regional development research center of traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine academy of sciences, various provinces and cities and foreign scientific research institutions of traditional Chinese medicine, extraction tank, condenser, cooler, point pneumatic control system for discharger, filter, slag gate, etc

3. Big health service area: health tonic, diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine industry, health care food, health tourism, old-age care and service, ganoderma lucidum, cordyceps sinensis, ginseng antler, bird's nest, tin maple bucket, donkey-hide gelatin, turtle three cream, wolfberry, Chinese medicine yinpian, the Chinese health soup, confined supplements, health care, health wine, beauty oral liquid, anti-aging products, breast enhancement, beauty, slimming, medicated acne removing, prevent bask in detoxification, functional foods, dietary supplements, health supplements, vitamins, protein powder, lecithin, cod liver oil, grape seed capsule, spirulina, etc;Household physiotherapy instrument, rehabilitation instrument, magnetic therapy apparatus, multifunction therapeutic apparatus, blood glucose, blood pressure, electronic thermometer, vision improvement, equipment, improve sleep equipment, health supplies, adult oral health appliances, family emergency treatment products, biofeedback instrument, healthy sleep products, regulations of the state, 27 large effect of various dosage forms of health food,Nutrition, dietary supplements, such as health project joined, health club, health institutions, health cultural tourist attractions, tai chi, qigong teaching admissions, keeping in good health books, preserve one's health in audio and local government health industry, intelligent endowment service product Mosaic, pension, medical, nursing, rehabilitation facility, the old, old man nutrition food assistive devices, hearing, vision, movement disorder auxiliary equipment and instruments, wearable health equipment

4. Global traditional medicine exhibition area: Chinese medicine, Indian medicine, Arab medicine

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