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International Pot Plant And Garden Expo

From November 07, 2019 until November 09, 2019

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IPGEXPO--- The Extension and Supplement of “Hortiflorexpo”

Sponsored by China Flower Association, IPGEXPO is the sister exhibition of Hortiflorexpo, which is the largest floriculture and horticulture brand exhibition in Asia. 

IPGEXPO focus on providing a good service for the growers, vendors and dealers of pot plants, garden decoration and facilities, floral and leisure supplies, making a one-stop order-placing-meeting for pot plants, garden and floral supplies, for Christmas, New Year and Spring Festival, creating an ideal platform for enterprises in the fields of floriculture and horticulture in China to communicate and exchange with overseas professionals and enter into the global market!

East China and South China are the biggest growing and distribution areas of Pot Plants in China as well as one of the main areas of production of floral and garden supply in the world. Every year there are a lot of buyers and dealers who come from other countries worldwide gathering here to purchase products, negotiate business and actively seek new suppliers.

With the continuous increase of the Chinese economy and the orderly carrying out of supply-side structural reform of the flower industry, the consumption of flower products has been changed from group and festival consumption to mass and daily consumption. The concept of consumption has become more mature. The feature of consumption has changed from imitation to individualized mode. The scope of consumption has extended from first-tier cities to second and third-tier cities. The blue sea of mass and daily floriculture and horticulture consumption has already come into being. 


Product Categories:

1. Garden Products: pot, implantation utensil, cultivation substrate soil, fertilizer, pesticide, garden tools (hoe, spade, sprinkler, glove, shoe), garden sculpture, garden equipment, hardware product, electrical tool, green DIY horticulture product;

2. Floral Supplies: vase, dry flower, artificial flower, flower arrangement apparatus, packing material, ornamental plant, flower storage & freshness preservation technology and equipment;

3. Pot Plant: a potted plant, bonsai, bedding plant, shade plant, patterned plant, fruit & vegetable patterned bonsai;

4. Landscape Products: fence, gardening stone, garden machinery, garden tool, lighting equipment, door and railing, fountain equipment, outdoor furniture, corrosion-resistant wood product, courtyard design, roof green;

5. Others: universities and colleges of higher learning, scientific and research institutions, media and association, etc. 

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