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China (Guangzhou) International Billiards Exhibition 2022

From May 10, 2022 until May 12, 2022

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China (Guangzhou) International Billiards Exhibition (GBE) is the earliest and most influential industry exhibition in Asia

China (Guangzhou) International Billiards Exhibition (GBE) was founded in 2007, which is the first Asian professional exhibition themed by billiards project. After more than ten years of global promotion and brand accumulation, GBE has developed into the most influential, largest and highest-level billiards industry event in the world. For the billiards industry to create the most complete one-stop business procurement platform, focus on improving new products, new technology, new technology, new materials, promote the application of four in one new model, is committed to exhibitors, visitors, investors to expand the focus on the target market, with professional spirit to create business value forever! Billiards industry is not to miss the industry event.

As the earliest and most influential industry exhibition in Asia, GBE has been focusing on domestic and foreign buyers and professional buyers since the first billiards exhibition was successfully held in 2007. China (Guangzhou) International Billiards Exhibition (GBE) opened in zone A of Guangzhou China import and export fair on April 5. The exhibition products cover all billiards supplies and billiards club operation management system and many other related supporting products.GBE Guangzhou international billiards and supporting facilities exhibition provide a broad platform for the global billiards and billiards industry to interact with each other through rich and diverse products, meticulous and intimate audience service, super exhibition lineup of enterprises, and cool star players' skills.

With the support and participation of numerous billiards associations, media, and magazines all over the world, GBE has built on its customer resources and excellent service over the past decade. The  China (Guangzhou) International Billiards Exhibition (GBE) will be held in zone A of Guangzhou China import and export fair for 3 days. We are looking forward to your participation!

Product Categories:
  • Billiards Products: Billiards Tables, Cues, Billiards Slate, Billiards Cloth, Balls, Cue Cases, Chalk, Gloves, Billiards Lights, Billiards projects, Cue Tips, Scoreboard, Tripod, Accessories, hardware fittings for a billiard table, etc.
  • Others: Darts, Darts Board, Shuffleboard, Games and Amusement products, etc.


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