CBD FAIR Shanghai 2023

CBD FAIR Shanghai
From March 22, 2023 until March 24, 2023
Shanghai - National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC), China
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)

中国建博会(上海)| 官方网站

Hongqiao is the first professional exhibition of system windows and doors. These golden sentences will help you find the right way to go, and the future is yours with the help of the window. High energy throughout! 48 hours of pioneers gathered to kick off the new year strong! China Construction Expo (Shanghai) customizes your ideal life for you! . [Review] May 18th, 20:00-21:30 in the evening. CIFF New Objects Festival A.R.T. 21:00 Meike Home Furnishing will host a special session. China Construction Expo (Shanghai) customizes your ideal life for you! . ShijianfangGun (Review) April 28th, 14-30-17:00 PM. The National Cloud Preliminary Evaluation for the Actual Competition began and the National Mango Awards were presented. China Construction Expo (Shanghai) customizes your ideal life for you ! .

China Construction Expo (Shanghai), is an exclusive "high-end custom designed platform" that is highly visible in East China. China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Co. Ltd. and Red Star Macalline Home Furnishing Group Co. Ltd. (Shanghai are co-sponsors of the exhibition. The event will be elevated to international level with "high mission and deep content and warm details".

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CBD FAIR(Shanghai)

The CBD- (Shanghai)  made a smashing success, which ran at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). More than 300 companies joined CBD-IBCTF (Shanghai), attracting 42923 visitors, marking a 24.19% year-on-year increase.

Product Categories:

● Building & construction material, green building material, chemical building material, building hardware, installation & tools, renovation products, etc.

● Construction coating, furniture painting, insulation coating, fighting coating, water-proof coating, decoration coating, adhesive material, anti-corrosion & protection coating for wooden materials, powder spraying equipment, spraying tools, and fittings, coating quality control and new type inspecting instrument and apparatus, etc.

● Various logs, willow, beech, teak, mahogany, oak, birch, Chinese oak, cherry, etc.

● Wood decorative board material, wood bar, floor parquet, wood floor, plywood board, solid wood board, profiled wood, wood product, wood dressing, etc.

● Timber machinery, wood machinery, small scale multi-functional wood machinery, carpenter’s professional machinery, carpenter’s tools, plane tools, plane machinery, sanding & grinding machinery, etc.

● Architectural & civil lighting & accessories, decorative house luminary, display luminary, stage luminary, intelligent lighting, safety lighting, emergency lighting, energy-saving lighting, and any other functional lighting components for electrical control, lamp-house, transformer, UPS, Manostat and Manostat regulator, etc.

● Anti-intruder and anti-theft security system, television surveillance equipment, access control system, automatic fire alarm system, detection, multi-sensor technology, car parking management facility, etc.

● Building management automation system, premise cabling system, videophone, paging equipment, building communication system, data transmission instrument, etc.

● Furniture and furnishing systems for kitchen & bath, faucet, sanitary ware, shower box, pump, valve, hose, joint, accessories, tools, etc.

● Heating and ventilation, boiler, air-conditioning, plumbing, water treatment, etc.

● Architectural design and plan, horticulture and landscaping plan, interior design, software, consultation, publication, training, construction service, etc.

● Construction glass product and processing technology (glass facade, non-transparent external cladding, passive solar system), etc.

● Wall material, plaster and gypsum, wallpaper, heat & noise insulating material, etc.

● Marble, granite, stone slate, artificial stone product, etc.

● Ceramic tile (glazed or unglazed), brick tile, mosaic tile, quarry tile, pavement tile, etc.

● Staircase, component, processing equipment

● Windows, door, gate, facade, blind, casement section, sunshade, mosquito net, and accessories including curtain and blind, control device, corner bracket, geared motor, drives/drive technology, handle, hinge, ironmongery, lock and locking system, movement control automatism, sealer, blind prefabricated box, processing equipment, etc.

● Curtain wall, sunshade, roof and ceiling, greenhouse, oversimplified house, etc.

● Floor engineering, installation and maintenance, wooden floor, laminate, parquet and auxiliary material, synthetic fiber carpet, rubber carpet, mat & rug, carpet tile, ceramic floor, marble floor, granite floor and auxiliary material, movable floor, industrial flooring, etc.





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Shanghai - National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC), China Shanghai - National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC), China


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