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Asia-Pacific Flooring Brand Conference & Exhibition 2021

From May 10, 2021 until May 12, 2021
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Market Outlook

The flooring industry has been in a period of rapid growth in recent years. With the application of the flooring industry to a wider range of fields, more and more attention is paid on industry and growing enterprises increase their investment in it. For instance, the consumption market of the elastic flooring industry was about 46.49 billion in 2017, and it is estimated that the whole industry will have an output value of over 60 billion by 2020. The enterprises engaged in PVC sheet products are greatly improved in terms of scale and financial status, and more than 95% of them are in good condition, mainly benefiting from the increase of export market demand and multiple channels.

Product Categories:
  • Elastic flooring: PVC coil flooring, PVC sheet flooring, LVT luxury commercial sheet, linen flooring, rubber flooring, floor mats, adhesives, artificial turf, sports rubber floor, plastic track, stadium paint, sports wood floor, OA smart floor, network floor, anti-static floor, anti-static floor accessories, etc;
  • Sports flooring: artificial grass, sports rubber floor, plastic track, sports wood floor, fabric, silicon PU, acrylic, polyurethane, rubber coil, PSP floor, black rubber particles, colored ceramic particles, etc;
  • Carpet: hand-stitched carpet, hand-woven carpet, hand-tufted carpet, woven carpet, printed carpet, carpet with natural material, floor mat (bathroom mat, doormat), marine carpets, car carpets, and floor mats, aviation carpets, carpet backings, adhesives, cleaning, and maintenance equipment, etc;
  • Floor materials: industrial and commercial flooring, floor equipment, etc;
  • Supporting facilities: safety mats, center net, single parallel bars, basketball hoop, stadium lighting, drainage facilities, membrane structure, railing, guardrails, all kinds of sports equipment, etc;
  • Floor production and maintenance technology: flooring pavement and maintenance technology, flooring production machinery, and accessories, raw materials of wood flooring.


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