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Guangzhou International Wooden House & Wooden Structure Fair 2021

From May 10, 2021 until May 12, 2021

Wooden House Guangzhou

Wooden houses are well received by consumers, leveraging on its advantages in health, environmental protection, energy-efficiency and comfort, shock resistant, sound insulation and so on. Moreover, wooden houses are sought after in tourist, scenic spots, leisure resorts, real estate development, tourism real estate, etc. During each opening of Guangzhou International Wooden House and Wooden Structure Guangzhou Fair (Wooden Structure Guangzhou), dozens of eye-catching stylish wooden houses will be displayed, appealing to hundreds of attractions and scenic spots who do not hesitate to bid on the spot. For instance, Tian Jing Shan National Forest Park of China, Lotus Mountain, Yingzhou Ecological Park, Sanshui Lotus World, and other scenic spots had visual feasts on-site and yield a fruitful trip.
The  Guangzhou International Wooden House and Wooden Structure Guangzhou Fair (Wooden Structure Guangzhou ) was grandly opened in PWTC Expo. The three-day Wooden Structure Guangzhou  covered above 50,000 square meters in five halls altogether with CIHIE


Product Categories:

◆ Wood-frame Housing

◆Landscape Wooden Frame

◆Bamboo Construction

◆ Auxiliary Chemicals and Technology

◆Advancing bamboo-wood framing housing

◆Wooden construction design, consultancy, and related products.

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