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Guangzhou International Doors, Windows, Building Hardware & Locks Export Fair

From October 23, 2020 until October 25, 2020

Guangzhou International Doors, Windows, Building Hardware & Locks Export Fair welcome you and your friends!

After more than 40 years of rapid development, China's doors and windows, building hardware, lock industry has been in the field of full category, rich level, the largest. With an open attitude and a determination to win, China has launched the One Belt And One Road strategy and started closer cooperation with the whole world."The world's attention, to China's doors and windows", "the doors and Windows development summit" international institutions will converge to global doors and Windows, doors and Windows, hardware locks the industry outstanding enterprises to discuss the development, create conditions for the progress of technology, advantages of cooperation, let a good technology, product can better into the global every family!

Guangzhou International Doors, Windows, Building Hardware & Locks Export Fair will be held in Guangzhou Poly world trade exhibition hall, at the same time with "the doors and Windows development summit" Guangzhou international exposition carried out during this period, the housing industry is committed to creating a global production of doors and windows, hardware locks show stage, for doors and windows, building hardware, locks products export opportunities, provide customers with Chinese-made doors and windows, building hardware, locks products experience platform, to facilitate international buyers choose China cooperation manufacturers, to create opportunities for the industry face to face communication. This grand meeting that is good with water is bound to become the international exchange and trade grand meeting that faces the whole world of door window, building hardware, lock industry, add luster to a human quality life.

Guangzhou International Doors, Windows, Building Hardware & Locks Export Fair welcome you and your friends!

Product Categories:
  • Door products: solid wood doors, decorative craft doors, ecological doors, aluminum doors, steel doors, metal doors, copper doors, iron doors, paint-free doors, bamboo doors, automatic doors, security door, composite door, wood plastic door, plastic door, partition door, shutter door, wardrobe door, cabinet door, folding door, sliding door, rolling door, invisible screen window, heat preservation door, aluminum-plastic door, fence, etc.;
  • Door and window system: door and window system, sunshade system, ventilation system; sunroom, screen window, invisible screen window, anti-theft screen window, energy-saving door and window, high-end door and window, smart door and window, new door and window, antique door and window;  aluminum alloy doors and windows, aluminum wood composite doors and windows, etc;
  • Profiles and parts: aluminum profiles, composite profiles, wood-plastic new materials, stainless steel profiles, etc.; glass, sheet, structural adhesives, sealants, strips, door and window hardware, door and window fittings, window openers, electric window openers, and other accessories;
  • Building decoration hardware: handle, support, window hook, anti-theft chain, induction opening and closing door device, etc.; shower, toilet accessories, scrubber accessories, valves, pipe joints and other hardware for the bathroom; decorative hardware with modular metal ceiling, lightweight active partition, metal decorative panels, etc.; kitchen equipment mainly includes washing table, operation table, vegetable cutting machine, stove, oven, kitchen cabinet, storage device, etc;
  • Door locks and accessories: smart door lock, fingerprint lock, electronic door lock, induction lock, digital lock, voice lock, door lock and other biological identification locks, etc.; mechanical locks: mortise door locks, channel locks, vault locks, luggage locks, furniture locks, cabinet locks, push-button mechanical code locks, electricity control locks, various padlocks, etc.; lock accessories and locksmith supplies, etc;
  • Others: overall home, overall furniture, customized home, overall wardrobe, stairs, whole cabinet, overall steel (iron) cabinets, wine cellar, kitchen, cloakroom, tatami, residential industrialization, association , media, etc.



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