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Natural & Nutraceutical Products China Guangzhou(NPC Guangzhou)

From December 15, 2020 until December 17, 2020



NPC is a regional edition of Healthplex Expo and Natural & Nutraceutical Products China (HNC), which has been successfully held in Shanghai for nine years. NPC will take place on December in Guangzhou PWTC Expo.
Co-located with Hi & Fi Guangzhou and Expo Finefood, NPC becomes an industry-chain expo which showcases dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, food ingredients, and finished food. More than 800 exhibitors and 46,000 professional visitors will attend this brand new gathering.

 Serving as the gala with the most business value in the massive health industry exhibition, NPC had attracted extensive attention of experts. Working with Hi & Fi Guangzhou, NPC had demonstrated a new product, technology, ingredient and tendency of upstream and downstream industrial chain in an all-around manner. the total exhibition area was up to 10,000 m2, with total 9,277 person-times of a professional audience in 3 days, increased by 13% compared with that in 2017. The NPC comprehensively displayed products in different fields such as nutrition and health products, natural tonics, health care products, leisure sports, beauty maintenance, and confinement health, and focused on the overseas pavilions, the confinement center alliance pavilion, and swiftlet nest & cordyceps Sinensis pavilions, which jointly performed this pageant of massive health industry. The Organizer also made efforts to plan more than 30 concurrent activities, which comprehensively analyzed and forecasted multiple aspects such as China's health care industry policies and regulations, market trends, technological innovations, success cases, and marketing.

Product Categories:

◆ Nutrition and health products

Dietary supplements, organic food, sport nutrients, tonics, vitamins, protein powder, fish oil products, grape seed capsules, spirulina, health care wine and tea, etc.

◆ Natural tonics

Ginseng products, Cordyceps Sinensis, lucid Ganoderma, aniridia,donkey-hide gelatin, green alga products, embryo products, honey products, aloe products, and fungus products, etc.

◆ Health supplies

Household medical device, personal care utensils, massage apparatus, foot care and medicine bath, physical examination devices, physiotherapeutic instrument, and third-party testing, etc.

◆ Recreational sports

Sport and bodybuilding apparatus, beauty SPA products, SPA equipment, sauna equipment, outdoor bodybuilding, aerobic exercise apparatus, and outdoor bodybuilding apparatus, etc.

◆ Beauty products

Beauty oral liquids, cosmeceuticals, functional beauty products,anti-aging products, breast, and body care, slimming, freckle and acne removal, sunscreen and detox, etc.

◆ Adult health

Family planning & health products,birth-control products, condom, reproductive organ health products, and human body lubricant, etc.

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