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South China Agricultural Expo

From October 12, 2019 09:00 until October 13, 2019 18:00
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South China Agricultural Expo

South China Agricultural Expo

Since the establishment of the Southern Agricultural Materials Expo, after years of cultivation, the scale and influence of the exhibition have been improved year by year, and the professional service has been rapidly increased, being highly recognized by domestic and foreign companies. It is the most influential and highest-level agricultural event in Southern China. Southern Agricultural Materials Expo is “oriented to South China, facing the whole country, and radiating ASEAN”, which has become one of the most advisable choices for enterprises to explore the southern market.

The  South China Agricultural Expo will be held at the Nanning International Convention & Exhibition Center. With the theme of “showing new products, promoting advanced productive forces, and importing modern production factors into agriculture”, the exhibition will gather advanced agricultural products and technologies from home and abroad in Nanning to build a brand-new display and exchange platform of the planting industry chain. It is an annual event that the competent government agencies, agricultural means manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, planting units, cooperatives, and other relevant industry insiders will attend in Southern China.

The Reasons for Participating in the Expo:
  •  One of the exhibitions supported and recognized by the government departments of Nanning;
  •  The largest agricultural event in South China, with the industry giants on the same stage, to comprehensively enhance your brand value;
  •  More than 60,000 distributors will attend the conference which is a great promotion for your bands and products;
  •  After years of cultivation, becoming the agriculture industry direction mark.
  •  National agricultural associations cooperate with experienced Zhongwei Exhibition Group ensuring the effectiveness of the exhibition;
  •  Accurate mufti-channel audience invitation plan, let you have close contact with customers in the modern planting industry;
  •  Providing the most complete and effective high-quality services, creating unlimited business opportunities for exhibitors;
  •  Full-scale three-dimensional advertising to ensure the vested interests for exhibitors.


Product Categories:

Agricultural Means: Fertilizer, pesticide, analysis instrument, package equipment, and other related products;
Seed/Seedlings: Seed of corn, rice, vegetable, fruit, flower, pasture, etc. and fruit seedlings;
Agricultural Machinery: Machine, tools, and accessories for planting, harvesting, processing, plant protection, horticulture, power, and transport.
General hardware and electromechanical equipment and tools: Manual tools, electrical tools, pneumatic tools, pumps,air-presser, electrical machines, and generators, etc. 

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