Shanghai International Property & Investment Immigration Expo 2022

Shanghai International Property & Investment Immigration Expo
From September 30, 2022 until October 02, 2022
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2022 Shanghai 20th International Property &Investment Immigration Expo


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With the rapid rise of China's economy

With the rapid rise of China's economy, overseas home buyers and immigration investment have become the latest investment philosophy of the Chinese people, the domestic real estate purchase and control policies to further catalyze the formation of China's overseas buyers market, China's huge market potential for the purchase of the property market attracts the attention of many international developers to enter the Chinese market. Now, overseas buyers concentrated in the Beijing and Shanghai, 33% of China's high net worth population have overseas assets and the average proportion of overseas assets in the total investment is 19%, investment targets main in the real estate. The 30% of people who have no overseas assets of the high net worth population have plans to conduct overseas investment in the past 3 years. According to the 《2012 Chinese buyers overseas buyers》, the current domestic overseas buyers mainly concentrated in Beijing (12.55%)and Shanghai(11.56%).


Shanghai International Property & Investment Immigration Expo

The Shanghai Overseas Real Estate and Investment Immigration Exhibition is main for the growing overseas home buyers and investment immigration industry event in China now. The Exhibition covers four major themes: Overseas Home Buyers, Overseas Immigrants, Overseas Students, Overseas Investment. The three days exhibition will attract many enterprises come from Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, Africa and other more than and 30 countries and regions involved in overseas home buyers, immigrants, investment, study and other fields of to participate, it focuses on the demonstration of high-quality real estate projects and investment immigration services. '' (Shanghai) overseas study Exhibition'' is the only professional home investment and immigration exhibition in Shanghai area. We can make you face the intention of customers directly in the face, know the advantages and disadvantages of your projects and provide a larger and broader platform for you to promote your projects. So we must be the best choice to enter Shanghai.


"Last year (Shanghai)  overseas home buyers immigration Exhibition" precise positioning in the high-end visitors as a high grade

At present, "Last year (Shanghai)  overseas home buyers immigration Exhibition" precise positioning in the high-end visitors as a high grade, all-round, comprehensive large-scale exhibition, and the audience focused on high net worth wealthy population. The exhibition will ensure that the presence of a large number of high-end customer groups to participate by targeted propaganda, comprehensive marketing, a wide range of targeted invitation and a wealth of on-site activities. The audience will include villa owners, high-grade residential property owners, golf club membership, bank, and Securities Company VIP customers, business class airline and business class customers, private clubs, club membership, RV high-end media readers, equestrian club members, high-end customer service, high-end business training objects, chamber of Commerce etc.


Comprehensive publicity and promotion investment.

This exhibition will not only continue to deepen and nearly 50 domestic and foreign media cooperation, but will also increase the Publicity and investment in television, network, newspapers, magazines, and high-end elevator advertising, WeChat, microsites, DM, SMS and other channels to targeted improve the advertising communication of high net worth crowd.


Extensive joint marketing cooperation

The exhibition will continue establishing joint advertising and marketing circle cooperation with the related clubs, clubs, financial and investment institutions, high-end services and high-end business consumption institutions, training institutions, business associations. The exhibition featured 60 circle marketing partners, build a mutual promotion platform for high-end customers, directed to invite high net worth individuals to participate in the exhibition, to achieve win-win cooperation.


Exhibits Profiles
  • Overseas property developers, house property distributors and agency, property transactions and related services;
  • The overseas study, education, employment agencies, and cultural organizations;
  • Immigration consultancy and service organizations
  • International investment consulting company; Commercial Banks, investment banks, fund; International accounting services
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Shanghai - Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC), China


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