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Shanghai International Astaxanthin Industry Exhibition

From September 24, 2019 09:00 until September 26, 2019 18:00
Categories: Health Industry
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Shanghai International Astaxanthin Industry Exhibition

With the improvement of living standards, consumer health care awareness is increasing, the era of great health is coming. In recent years, "astaxanthin and spirulina" in the functional food, food additives, health products, cosmetics, big health, feed additives in the market gradually become popular, there is an eye-catching evaluation in the industry: astaxanthin and spirulina significance, as the discovery of penicillin at the beginning of the 20th century. Astaxanthin and spirulina are favored by the market. Under the background of accelerating the speed of healthy China, it will be a major trend of the industry in the future to promote the development of astaxanthin and spirulina into healthy food and nutrition products. With the awareness of public health and the improvement of living standards, the market of astaxanthin and spirulina will enjoy a booming development.

Product Categories:
  • Natural astaxanthin products and raw materials:

Astaxanthin health care products, astaxanthin drinks, astaxanthin capsules, astaxanthin cosmetics, astaxanthin daily chemicals, astaxanthin feed additives, astaxanthin raw powder, astaxanthin oil agent, astaxanthin emulsion, astaxanthin solvent, rain red echinococcus, carotene, monascus, etc.

  • Natural spirulina:

Spirulina nutritious food, spirulina health care products, spirulina cosmetics, spirulina tablets, spirulina powder (raw powder), algae and salt algae, algae blue protein (powder), spirulina essence tablets, spirulina products, all kinds of functional algae products;

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