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Shenzhen International Vacuum Coating and Superconducting Film Technology Exhitition

From September 20, 2019 09:00 until September 22, 2019 18:00
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Shenzhen International Vacuum Coating and Superconducting Film Technology Exhitition
Shenzhen international vacuum coating and superconducting film technology exhibition

Shenzhen international vacuum coating and superconducting film technology exhibition will meet you at the Shenzhen convention and exhibition center to build a platform for vacuum coating industry to exchange technology, promote cooperation, expand upstream, downstream trade, and improve brand awareness and enterprise awareness. This exhibition will invite all units, business leaders and professional visitors to discuss the future and development of vacuum coating industry, jointly display the latest results in the field of vacuum coating, discuss the industry trends, face to face business exchanges, etc., hope that the relevant units actively do a good job in the exhibition! More professional, more scale, more efficiency, is bound to lead the Asia-pacific high-end vacuum coating market trend again. Shenzhen vacuum coating and superconducting film technology exhibition gathered at home and abroad advanced vacuum coating and superconducting film production, distribution strength enterprises, assembly exhibition, business as one. We sincerely invite you and your friends to attend this exhibition and welcome your customer partners to visit and guide this exhibition. We will provide you with comprehensive services, so that you through this exhibition, develop the market, wide contact with domestic and foreign merchants, obtain business opportunities, create brilliant!

The exhibition will be held at the Shenzhen convention and exhibition center. We sincerely invite you to participate in this exhibition, conference and on-site activities. During the exhibition, we can provide you with the latest exhibition information and industry news continuously through the official website of the official media platform, WeChat, Weibo, Facebook, and Linkedin. We hope to have your company, guidance, and support in the development of vacuum coating and superconducting film exhibition.

Product Categories:

1, coating materials: metal film materials, oxides, fluoride, sulfide, titanates, mixtures and other film materials, coating evaporation materials;PVD coating, TiN coating, TiC coating, TiCN coating, ZrN coating, CrN coating, MoS2 coating, TiAlN coating, TiAlCN coating, tin-aln coating, CNx coating, DLC coating, ta-C coating, etc.Target: sputtering target material, metal material, alloy material, ceramic material, alloy material, single-crystal material, oxide of target, boride, carbide target of target materials, precious metal, rare metal target of target material (titanium, niobium, zirconium, nickel, tantalum, tungsten, molybdenum, lead, chromium, silver, etc.), single metal target material, evaporation materials, special target material and other kinds of target material;

2. Low-temperature superconducting film: low melting point superconducting film: low melting point superconducting film, alloy film; High melting point superconducting film: refractory metal, alloy film; Compound superconducting films: NbN, Nb3Sn, Nb3Ge films;

3. High-temperature superconducting film: yttrium-series film, bismuth series film, and thallium series film;

4. Functional film: optical film, backlight/display film, display film, industrial film, photovoltaic film;

5. Film deposition equipment: vacuum film deposition machine, vacuum evaporation equipment, optical film deposition machine, sputtering film deposition machine, glasses film deposition machine, optical fiber film deposition machine, CVD equipment, MOCVD equipment, film deposition equipment, glass film deposition equipment, magnetron film deposition equipment, evaporation equipment, ion beam deposition equipment, electron gun, ion source;Evaporation deposition mask, crystal oscillator, coating fixture, accessories, instruments, coating testing and monitoring equipment, film thickness monitor, coating firmness tester, etc.

6, coating materials production and processing equipment: cold isostatic press, hot isostatic press, magnetron sputtering thermal evaporation, copper with copper indium sulfur technology and equipment, high-temperature brazing furnace, sintering furnace, if induction furnace, electron-beam furnace, electron-beam melting furnace, brazing furnace for the large surface target;

7. Superconducting devices: superconducting tunnel devices, superconducting quantum interference devices,

8. Film-forming machinery, testing and inspection instruments, special devices, film raw materials, and chemical products;

9. Cleaning engineering: cleaning and protection system, shielding protection products, shielding machine room equipment, shielding table/table/cabinet, safety protective clothing, cleanroom consumables, anti-static products, etc.;

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