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Shenzhen Polishing and abrasive materials Expo(SIT Expo)

From September 20, 2019 09:00 until September 22, 2019 18:00
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Shenzhen Polishing and abrasive materials Expo(SIT Expo)
Shenzhen Polishing and abrasive materials Expo(SIT Expo)

Shenzhen Polishing and abrasive materials Expo(SIT Expo) will showcase the latest in polishing materials and equipment industry products and technology, for enterprises to establish brand image, promote trade cooperation, market development, leading the industry trend, strengthen the production, research and development, sales, interactive, in-depth insight into polishing materials and equipment at home and abroad market-fresh air to the future development, with the development of the future vision mining polishing abrasive materials new demand of the market, innovation exhibition connotation, all-round, multi-level organize professional audiences, to enterprises and the customers provide a technical exchanges the best platform, product display and trade negotiation. Shenzhen international polishing and grinding materials and equipment exhibition will be held in Shenzhen convention and exhibition center. At that time, warmly welcome domestic and foreign polishing and grinding materials and equipment enterprises and related industries to visit and exchange!

Target audience: focus we invite the national, provincial, city and the relevant scientific research units, aerospace, casting, power supply, automotive industry, medical equipment, household appliances, computer/computers and parts, display, semiconductor, military products, photoelectric/LED, inverter, industrial machinery, electronic equipment, electronic components, instruments and meters, communication/communication network, wind power, solar energy, fire/tracks, integrated circuit, transistor, electrical appliances, transformers, welding equipment, power electronic devices such as enterprise executives to visit, negotiate.

During the same period, a number of technical seminars and activities will be held to invite domestic and foreign experts and representatives to come to interact and exchange, discuss the development trend of the industry, and share their experience and achievements. This exhibition is a professional exhibition under the banner of Shenzhen international science and technology innovation exhibition. At that time, warmly welcome domestic and foreign polishing and grinding materials and equipment enterprises and related industries to visit and exchange!


Product Categories:
  • Material: polishing paste, polishing wax, polishing wheel, grinding fluid, cleaning fluid, brightener, protective agent, anti-rust fluid, alumina and chromium oxide, polishing powder, polishing paste, grinding stone, grinding wheel, grinding wheel, polishing wheel, polishing with cutting, grinding, grinding head, polishing pills, polished rods, polishing machine rotor, deep processing of natural abrasive, ordinary artificial abrasive, abrasive, abrasive polishing materials, grinding AIDS, grinding paste, abrasives, polishes, polishing liquid, other polishing agent polishing materials.
  • Equipment:Polishing, grinding machine, polishing machine, robot deburring machine, grinding machine, mill grind machine, water mill, dry mill, finishing machine, grinder, the eddy current machine, grinding machine, polishing machine, metallographic sample cutting machine, grinding machine, setting machine, small precision lathe, electrochemical deburring equipment, electrochemical deburring equipment, ultrasonic deburring machine tool equipment, high pressure water jet deburring equipment, thermal explosion deburring, frozen trimming deburring, plasma polishing equipment, electrolytic polishing machine, magnetic polishing machine, square pipe polishing machine, pipe polishing machine, special pipe polishing machine, circular tube hole polishing machine, stainless steel polishing machine, automatic polishing machine, magnetic polishing machine, metalCast coil mill production line, nc bull polishing machine, single automatic polishing machine, automatic mirror polishing machine, non-standard type of polishing machine, polishing machine, sand machine, wire drawing machine series, cross cutting machine series, sand blasting machine series, the series of specular machine series, vacuum cleaners, sticker machine series, automatic pipe bender, grinding polishing and polishing equipment, crushing equipment other polishing machine, etc.
  • Other surface engineering equipment and materials; Consultancy services and other services, related publications and networks.

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