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From November 15, 2017 09:00 until November 17, 2017 18:00



With "health science and technology of the future" as the theme of the tHIS health industry leaders summit

With "health science and technology of the future" as the theme of the tHIS health industry leaders summit, the three major exhibition - CMEF (medical), PharmChina (SEC), API (active pharmaceutical ingredients exhibition) fusion, 40 square meters booth build, more than 130 meetings, gathered from more than 30 countries and regions, nearly 7400 exhibitors and 230000 professional audience, in Shanghai on nations convention and exhibition center successfully concluded.


Its reed exhibition co., LTD

Its reed exhibition co., LTD., blending three exhibitions medicine health care industry chain, bend force makes tHIS integrated exhibition and conference, aimed at the international operators, researchers, investment institutions and all kinds of health industry professionals with innovative thinking and strategic vision sharing platform, to promote the health industry in the policy and investment, research and development, manufacture and distribution, clinical application and continuing education and the development of related services in the fields of energy, promote the all-round development of the health care industry of China.


Exhibits and services:

medical devices and related products, services, pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, auxiliary materials, pharmaceutical packaging, pharmaceutical equipment, chemical products, natural extracts, chemical drugs, proprietary Chinese medicines, traditional Chinese medicinal materials, OTC drugs, biopharmaceuticals, health products and other health products, medical technology, and related services.

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