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China (Shanghai) International Intelligent Transport Expo (ITE)

From October 13, 2019 until October 15, 2019

China (Shanghai) International Intelligent Transport Expo (ITE)

China (Shanghai) International Intelligent Transport Expo (ITE)) is one of the exhibition projects approved and supported by the ministry of commerce. Jointly sponsored by the foreign trade development bureau of the ministry of commerce and general technology group, and undertaken by Shenzhen international exhibition co., LTD.ITE focuses on the hot new technologies in the smart transportation industry in the world, builds an exhibition and trade platform for global smart transportation enterprises, and promotes upstream and downstream trade exchanges. At the same time, it also provides industry personnel with face-to-face negotiation opportunities with purchasers, promotes technical exchanges and cooperation in the smart transportation industry, and aims to create an industry grand meeting connecting China and foreign smart transportation industries to share, exchange, integrate, develop and win.

As a grand meeting of China smart transportation industry, China (Shanghai) international smart transportation exhibition will witness the development of China smart transportation industry and provide innovative new technologies, new products, new plans, and new ideas for China smart transportation industry. We will help upgrade the technology of the smart transportation industry, promote the development of China's smart transportation industry, and provide a strong impetus for China to become a smart transportation power.

The China (Shanghai) International Intelligent Transport Expo will be held in Shanghai national convention and exhibition center, with an exhibition area of 30,000 square meters. This exhibition in new ways "Shared" travel "as the theme, in the national overall framework and deployment of a new generation of intelligent traffic demand, showed the comprehensive urban intelligent traffic, road traffic safety, wisdom, roads, public transport, road transport informatization, smart parking, networking, intelligent car made cars such as intelligent transportation construction in the field of new technologies, new products and new solutions, is committed to the wisdom of the Chinese and global transportation sector to build a global experience and display at the forefront of innovation of science and technology, focusing on the global trend of innovation forms, national event of the global business and technical elite.

Product Categories:
  •  intelligent highway: ETC electronic toll collection, video monitoring of expressway, traffic incident detection, weight collection system, ETC.

Overlimit detection system, integrated service access network system, program-controlled exchange and communication power supply system, cable broadcast, emergency telephone And conference television system, wireless transmission system, network charging (lane, station, center) management, traffic flow collection, Charging system equipment, LED display equipment, optical terminal, matrix, industrial control machine, highway tunnel lighting, highway weather Detection and prediction, lightning protection of motorway electromechanical system, mobile communication, etc.

  •  road safety and traffic management: traffic signal control system and road safety-related products, electronic monitoring system and related

Products, driving training systems, license plate/face recognition systems, road monitoring and accident investigation equipment, traffic control And communication system, traffic big data, traffic information service system, traffic information platform, information collection technology, traffic survey Du and command and control platform, integrated passenger and freight management platform, GPS personnel and vehicle positioning equipment, GIS police geographic letter Information systems, data management and analysis mining, mobile communication systems, display equipment, transmission equipment, transportation networks, electronics Tag, rescue service, traffic violation management, traffic vehicle inspection and detection equipment, traffic police law enforcement equipment, and so on;

  •  public transportation: public travel information service, intelligent payment terminal, APP, Shared bicycle, Shared car, intelligent bus

Delivery related equipment, bus operation and scheduling system, IC card management, line inquiry, ticketing management, digital station hall, bus Real-time video monitoring and emergency response, BRT bus rapid transit, remote radio frequency, taxi call planning and management, parking induction, Gate control, urban rail transit operation and management, equipment and facilities, comprehensive transportation hub management (scheduling, command, guidance, instruction, inquiry, ticket checking) equipment and facilities, AFC automatic ticket checking system;

  •  intelligent parking: charging pile intelligent charging/supporting facilities, construction and operation solutions, stereo garage, charge control system

The system, entrance and exit management and monitoring system, vehicle identification system, automatic fence, parking display and guidance system, all kinds Indicator lights, parking safety facilities, parking meters, magnetic CARDS for parking fees, parking meters, etc.

  •  satellite navigation and vehicle network: beidou terminal and chip, GPS terminal and chip, LBS location information service navigation equipment, electronic map, data analysis, and management, scheduling management platform, vehicle monitoring, and management platform, traffic information release, traffic

APP, traffic big data mining and management, the intelligent terminal of Internet of vehicles, communication technology of Internet of vehicles, vehicle and driving safety and energy-saving support system, communication operators, etc.

  •  intelligent car: intelligent vehicle, automatic driving, and ADAS core functions, intelligent network core functions, intelligent vehicle transmission

Sensors, onboard computing platform, onboard key components, artificial intelligence, intelligent driving, etc.

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